Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A better day

Each day brings a new start. And start they did.

Speaking English, just a few words here and there but ENGLISH. Chase even more so than Chance, Chance has more words than Chase that just come out, Chase thinks about what he is going to say, less spontaneous speaking but more words that he is using correctly. He is reading way ahead in the homework and we are going to be heading out to the library tomorrow to get more books for them.

I am so encouraged by them trying, we have played UNO for 2 nights now, all of us and they even went outside today and played it in the yard with each other. Teaching the boys their colors and numbers. They are so happy when they win.

Chase is reading the book for the 3rd time today:) He's no slacker when motivated and now that momma bear pushed my little cub he is taking off. Exploring his world. Chance just runs to see it all, dives right in, never looking back. But Chase is very different and much more cautious about his steps.

I have a feeling Chase will take his schooling very serious while Chance will be trying to skip out on any work he can. Using more effort to avoid the work than to just do it. He is working on his words, he gets Kat and Camden to hep him then comes and repeats them for me:)
Chase works with Chloe more often but will work with Camden as well. They may be totally different in personalities but they will be able to learn in their own ways.

Chloe has visibly been more at ease with them speaking more English, being able to ease off on translating every little thing. I don't ask her to translate unless I really need her to, I tell the boys to tell me in English if they can.
They are settling in for bed after Chase won 2 rounds of Uno. It's fun playing with them, when Chance gave me any Draw 4 or skip cards he said "sorry, sorry momma" and when Chase did it to me he laughed.

All in all a good day with our big family, feeling more and more that the boys are blending in, that they are understanding more and more what true family means. Each day shows a little more of the bond and love we all share.

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