Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Zoo and prayer needed

We went to the zoo this morning, it was very nice, I took the twins and Chase stayed behind with Baba. This is due to the fact that Chase is quite sick. He has been saying since he got his shots that his head hurt and he was dizzy. But it has not affected him eating till now. He threw up last night and had a high fever.

This morning he threw up again but the fever seems to be breaking, we are going to have to take him to the Consulate today no matter how he feels, which stinks.
Of all the days, most of them we could leave him behind if needed with one of us, but the oath it is required for the children as well as both parents.

Let's hope he has a virus and has hit the tail end of it now, he is eating a banana as I type, poor guy is hungry.

I did a little shopping last night after supper, got them all "Made in China" shirts. As they were:)
I posted pics of the animals, oops, I mean kids, ha ha ha!


Mike and Barb said...

Oh, no, I hope that he'll feel better FAST!! After all, he has a lot of travel ahead of him!
Cute shirts the twins are wearing!!

Sue said...

so sorry he isn't feeling good. Hopefully it just a reaction to the shots and that it will pass soon. Good luck with the travels.

Cayle said...

]= aw.
Every time my mom or I have shots vaccines etc we both pass out after wards. Not sure why but we do and we also both feel sick and nauseous the next few days.

Pray he will be feeling better. x3

Lori said...

I'll be praying for sure!!

Love the kids' t-shirts! Cute.

Carmen said...

Fabulous TShirts! Very original :)
I am praying that Chase gets well before your Consulate appointment. He must be very excited about finally getting his Forever Family and it just hit him ;) Carmen

Jennifer said...

Sending up prayers for you all. Poor guy. He's had a big week.

Holly said...

Poor guy...I'm praying for him. And I LOVE Chance's shirt. Awesome. : )

Jerry and Christy said...

Praying for all of you. Hope everyone is feeling well for the trip back home.

Smitheroni said...

You make me laugh everytime I read your posts. I have been following your blog for some time now and wanted to say how wonderful your family is - such an amazing journey! Hope Chase is feeling better. Have a smooth trip home.

Mom to Shaeleigh (6, China) & also a Chance (3, Vietnam)