Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who's on fire?

We woke up this morning to Chance yelling he was on "fire," at least that's how it sounded to us. Then he flapped his hands and pointed to his arm and said "ouch". Mosquitos had bitten him really bad, he was bleeding. They got Chase and Baba too, I guess I was not tasty enough? I'm hoping we really aren't in the "malaria belt" that someone in our group mentioned, someone check that out for me and leave a comment so I can worry more or less, will ya?

Housekeeping came and sprayed something so now we are inhaling pesticides, can't win can we?

Chance got up this morning with his usual "not feeling well" and only ate congee (a rice soup) for breakfast. I think he is actually getting it that all the different foods are not helping him feel good. Eating Machine Chase was putting away breakfast then by 1 pm he pulled his usual, "gotta lay down- feel sick" and wouldn't eat. Aren't they such good boys that they take turns worrying their momma?

I came back to the hotel with him via taxi from shopping, Chloe just HAD to HAVE more earrings and t-shirts and at $1.50 and less than $3 respectively, we had headed out to shop some more. Luckily the rain has seemed to pass. So Chase is resting and Baba went with the other 2 to go swimming. You all would be so proud of me, after seeing 2 or 3 taxi's swept up after we waved them down by RUDE people who pushed in and took them, I PUSHED my way in and took over one while people stood there with their mouths hanging open at the fluffy red head with tattoos. So there, I've learned there is some good to looking different, they didn't even try to stop me:) I was determined since my son was standing there looking miserable and I needed to get him back to the hotel. Never mess with a momma bear on a mission!
This evening we will walk the mess of an island a little, catch some supper (eating at restaurant- not literally "catching" the food-- hey you never know with these 3!) and pick up our laundry. Yeah, I convinced Baba we really did not want to subject anyone on the plane ride home to our 3 without clean socks! And they were running out. So out they went, delivered by Baba to laundry service.

I'm really missing home, I'm out of Reese's pieces, it's gonna be good to get back. 3 more sleep Miss Kitty, we are so proud of you for being so good. Cammers too, you guys staying home and waiting for us so patiently is super and we think you rock! Although Grandma and cousin Debbie said they are splitting from the house the second our eyeballs hit the door, and we don't quite understand that, I mean it's not like you all are in diapers or anything???


Jenna said...

Glad things are going well for you all! I have enjoyed watching all of this unfold.

I checked on the Malaria for you.....while Guangzhou did host the World Malaria Conference to try and figure out how to wipe malaria from Africa, it is not really a threat there. From what I read, you have the same risk there as you do here in America.

Amy in Arizona said...

Wow, you do have your hands full!! But I'm sure once they "find" their manners they will be so much fun to be out with. I can't help but think about your dinner table when they are all grown and come home to visit - lots of fun and laughter!! I am enjoying your blog so much and it is the first thing I check when I get up in the morning!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Jean said...

Still laughing picturing the fluffy redheaded American with tattoos taking over the taxi!! I am picturing the Chinese bystander in shock with their jaw hanging open. Hey- I've been there- ya gotta be aggressive or you'll never get anywhere in China!!

Hoping everyone is feeling better- maybe new foods, so much excitement and all is causing the stomach aches?

You have a fun crew!!
I am so sorry you ran out of reeses- I feel your pain- you better get home quick!

trina said...

My parents did the same thing. They left before we could blink. But we were very thankful they have kept our kiddos THREE trips. We can't complain..too much..haha. You are doing such a great job with the boys. God is good. :)

Mike and Barb said...

You're almost there!!!
Enjoy the rest of your trip with your happy bunch!