Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who turned on the HEAT?

Man, it's hot here. Must be God. Warning us to behave or else. Ha ha. I totally believe God does have a sense of humor, now don't you think He enjoyed the little "surprise" He gave us on Chloe's Adoption Day? I can just hear it "oh, a little bored today, let's drum up a fun surprise for Vickie and Ron, hey, how about 2 more kids?"

Since He knew it would turn out how it did, He could do such a thing, right? Not that He messes with us, He just enjoys us. As we enjoy His blessings after we got over the shock and now can love on our sons.

Anyway, it's very hot the AC went on and the boys turn it off every time they think I am not looking. And I turn it back on.
The kids are getting along better, translator is coming about 3 times a week for an hour or so, just enough to get any bumps smoothed out. It's helping a lot.

I have to share a "conversation" I had with Chance this morning as we waited for Kitty and Cam's bus. He was checking out my nails, and pushing on them, he was telling me to eat better foods and my nails would be longer and stronger.
That they were too flexible and I think he said they could then stab someone with my thumb if I wanted if I got them strong enough?
I just say "uh huh, uh huh," and he goes on and on. Maybe I should have told him they are soft from doing dishes, something he does NOT run to take over and do for me:) Can't believe I got 2 more who avoid dishes like the plague.

The kids were weighing themselves last night, having fun seeing what all they could "add" to their weight to get it higher and trying to convince me to get on the scale, yeah sure, like when they all go blind. (mom do not call and tell that was a horrible thing to write, they should not be tormenting mama to get on the scale.)
Chase is a whopping 119 lbs. Wayyyy too skinny, he needs some weight for sure. Chance is 84 pounds. They have gained 4 pounds each. Well on their way to the 19 pounds sister gained in 4 months, that she needed to look healthy. Chance doesn't seem as skinny as Chase in person because he is so close in size to Chloe.
BTW, they ate the hot chili sauce on bread last night for a "snack." I am sooo not going on "their" diet.
As I type Mr. Chance is combing my hair out. Fixed for the day or not, he combs my hair down flat at least 2 times a day:) Good bonding... at least that's what I tell myself as he rips at my hair:) He does try to be very gentle, so I guess it's a good thing. Wonder if he is just that bored or going to be a hairdresser?

It's supposed to cool down for the weekend, making nice weather for our Memorial Day picnic we have planned. That Chloe was funny when she asked what the holiday was for and I told her to honor people who have passed on and she said "why they care, they dead." Okay then, no picnic fun for her- ha ha.

My all time fave shirt finally wore out it said "Who are all these kids and why are they calling me mom?" So I replaced it with this one- my new fave, it's my funny for today:) Don't ya just love it??


Grandma Shelley said...

That is just the best shirt, Vickie! Love it! Thanks for all the posts on your blog. You are doing awesome.....guess I did put the fear of God into you...Or...maybe it was your Mother? LOL....sorry "Mom" I just had to put that out there. Have a great weekend. Keep up the good work.

Lori Lynn said...

It looks like things are settling down a bit. So nice to read a happier tone in your words.

Don't worry. Soon you'll be able to get some help with the dishes. Be patient (and maybe some bribery wouldn't hurt).

Heather BT said...

When I brought my nine (now ten) year old daughter home last year, she tried to comb my hair once. Only once, my curls defeated her. I guess combing out Shirley Temple style curls was just too much for her.
I love that your son keeps doing it for you, too cute.

Holly said...

Oh, too funny. I just love it all. Thanks for the smiles! Glad things are going better with all your kiddos. : )

Heather said...

I've only been following your blog for a few weeks, and I am still in awe of this amazing family you have! I love how honest you are and how you give God His due. May He grant you with all the patience, endurance, and chocolate you need! Just another stranger rooting for you all!

Bangs said...

Sounds like things are getting better and better. Chance is such a cutie.