Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer begins

I'm pretty sure we started the summer off with a bang. I worried that the boys would think we were trying to kill them when their big brother (#2) invited us all out to try the Raystown Zip Lines.

Chance was up for anything climbing into the gear with no issue as well as Chloe. Chase held back till big bro promised to go down the line next to him at the same time. I don't think I have ever seen a smile so big as when he came down that line flying and came down the exit hill. I asked him if he was "okay" and he gave me the grin and thumbs up sign. He even high fived me:)

He was right back in on going back to the top. They had a blast, they want to go back. Brother is working there for the summer so I am sure they will. And before you ask-NO, I did not zip. I don't do zip, I am deathly afraid of heights. Can't go there. Miss Kitty was left to play on the training line, they do not have a line for kiddos under 50 lbs yet. I told the owner he needed to get one, as long as it has taken her to get from 23 3/4 lbs to 36 lbs (almost 4 years) it could be another 5 years for her to make it to 50 lbs:(

We did the chore of cleaning up the yard today and getting my flower boxes ready to plant. It had to be done. As usual Cam spent more time whining that helping and got himself grounded. Chance helped do anything and everything, Chloe was "bored" and Chase was worried he was going to mess up his hair. I taught the boys how to hang up clothes on a clothes line. Never hurts to give them life skills:)
I had to laugh when Chase was using the online translator last night and told me he is a "good boy" then changed it to "good man" and I told him "good YOUNG man" and informed him he was here to be a child, to play, enjoy his time as our son, that he isn't allowed to work till he is 16. Yeah, he wants a job to make lots of money. No lack of ambition in him.
Very typical teenager, him and Chloe have net book computers on the brain, they want to save enough money to be able to buy their own. Chloe wanted to know how a bank account works, that was fun to try to explain.
I guess she thought it sounded too tough, because my niece stopped over and she said "Debbie, will you give me money and I not pay you back?" That rotten niece of mine said "no, I'm not your parents!" So Chloe has it all planned how she is going to save for the next 2 years to get herself a computer. She MIGHT just be ready for one by then:)

After we finished the yard we went and got the boys new shorts for school tomorrow, that's right, tomorrow is the big day. We got my flowers, cucumber and watermelon seeds and for supper the kids wanted YAMS. They were going to boil them but I convinced them to let me bake them. They said they are better "put in fire" but they were pretty good baked:) I had mine with butter and brown sugar, they ate theirs PLAIN. SO yummy- NOT.
And so our summer begins, it usually goes by so fast but big things will be sure to happen with the boys progress so it's going to be a summer of fun, I'm sure.

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Heather BT said...

My two love yams too. I just poke holes in them and microwave them like potatoes. We'll also toss them on the grill, and the do taste really great that way. Did you see any of the street carts that bake them up in foil on the street in Beijing? Yummy!