Thursday, May 6, 2010

Snack time

Baba and I are in the lobby of the hotel, the only place we can get internet and the kids are snacking in the room. We weren't sure we should let them alone, but they know where we are and how to get here and they are eaing chicken feet. Yeah, read that right, chicken FEET. Grossing us out. Plus everyone knows we are their parents by now. We'll get tracked down quickly if they do anything-- believe me.
See the fun they are having and who is wearing Chloe's glasses??
I am blogging and Baba is exploring and the kids are eating. And eating, and eating. Chloe must have flashbacks of not enough food as she has gone nuts on snacks and I swear every other sentence is "I'm hungry". She also is mad that Chance keeps saying "mama wants to try this" and wants her to open more snacks to get himself some.

He's really a bugger. He's going to be a handful and a half. Chase gave him a talking to this afternoon after we got back from the store and he had refused to listen to me, I said, "that's RIGHT, mama boss", and when Chase heard the translation (via Chloe) he insisted "no, no, I'm mama." Not being sassy, just meaning "they don't work a job for me." Chase tries to be helpful but he has his stubborn moments as well. They are very much like their sister and we are thankful now to have her a year ahead of them:) No shortage of SPUNK here.

They are everything we expected and more. Survivor skills in many ways, but also so very immature in others. Just wanting to belong and be loved. And they clearly know we love them. It shows in how comfortable they are with us, they have no reservations with us at all.

Chase is very skinny, we couldn't find ANY pants or shorts to fit him at the store:( He's wearing about a size 18 boys. He did get some books he wanted, although we still have to push him to buy more than 1 of anything. Baba bought a small portable radio and we learned that Chase likes music very much.
One unexpected thing, Chloe has become much closer to Baba, she clearly prefers American ways for many things and he is American:) For all the whining (whining, not grieving) she liked to do at home about missing Ch*na she is seeing the GOOD of America now. I "joke ahh ed" her today and said she should be renamed "I want" and she said "whatever." We tease her and say that's totally American teenager talk. She is seeing that she has been blessed with the best of both her worlds, her Chinese heritage and all that brings but being American as well.

Notary stuff done today and tomorrow we leave for Guangzhou later in the day.
Well, we're off to adventure into supper, hopefully we won't end up with any poultry head on our table--- ewwhhhhh.
Hope everyone is good and we send our love, things are going along smoothly:)


Shelley said...

Vicki! Oh my goodness! Chloe and Chance's expressions are SOOOOOO identical! As I looked at today's picture, I was struck with how much they look alike. What a blessing to have these 3 children together again. I am so very, very happy for you all! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us! Praying for you all in your continued adjustment, Shelley

Sue said...

I can relate to you with Chloe, it is amazing how much Jade has changed this past year vs the first year she was here. She loves China, but she is learning that she has more chances here in America. It is good to hear that the boys are doing good.

Nancy said...

You can see the comfort and happiness on their faces in the photos. It almost seems as if they have always belonged in the photos!

Dawn said...

How great to see all the kids together... You are good parents too! YOu seem to have them pretty well figured out,, fun times!

trina said...

Love, love getting to know your boys. God is good. trina

Mike and Barb said...

I'm sure Chloe realizes how "torn" one can feel when you "belong" to two countries. I know the feeling, and it's very frustrating (and I'm all grown up *haha*)
Thanks for the updates!

Lori Smith said...

Hello Vicki-
My husband and I gave to your fundraising a year ago or more...
It's neat to see you in China with the the boys! Praying for you daily. with love, Lori Smith in Colorado

Holly said...

OH, VICKI!! I hadn't read your blog for a while because of computer I was so totally thrilled to get caught up!! I am so so so excited for all of you. Amazing! God is so good!!! (And the pictures bring back memories. We were at that same hotel in October.) : )