Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A sighting of US

Yes, we were sighted. Close to home in a nearby town, we had gone to the store to get the boys earrings and go to the Asian grocery store to get some "dark vinegar" the kids wanted that wasn't really vinegar but some sauce- only after I bought them white and dark vinegar, of course.

They also had to have tofu, garlic, and hot chili sauce. I doubt I will be testing anything they cook. Not if I want to keep my stomach intact.

We were standing in the jewelry section and here comes our FAN:) A mom and part of a small adoption group local to our area that we are a part of too. I HAD a picture but certain said children of mine who take camera and think they can delete whatever they WANT..... and now no picture for you all:(

It was tons of fun to meet her in person and for her to get to see the Min sibs. All 4 of them. As Kat's Chinese name is Min as well, so they are now the 4 Min sibs. And they were acting like it too, driving Kat in the cart so wildly she was squealing.

Cam decided to stay with his big bro next door, they watched a movie and ordered pizza, Cam just loves Derrik and I thought it would be good to give him a special treat away from the 4 wild children. He had a blast:)

He even brought home 2 slices of pizza, shared one with Chance, who immediately smothered it in chili sauce. Ughhhh.

We got home and I pierced the boys one ear each. They fussed over who was going first and Chase finally did after Chance checked out the whole kit and decided he couldn't tell how it worked:) It didn't hurt them at the time but they say it hurt later and put ice on their ears.

There was no post yesterday due to Baba, it would be all his fault, not that I didn't have a post to write, it was there stuck in my brain since he was hogging the computer. So any comments (MOM) direct them his way in regards to this issue.

I have to tell you some things that amaze our sons. We take so much for granted here, it's so fun to see things through their eyes. And they are big enough to tell us about it:)

Cows munching in the fields, the tree covered mountains, the blue, blue sky. The pink sky of the evening. The open fields. Goats. Squirrels, ground hogs. A herd of deer grazing at dusk. Everything they are in awe of. It's really something, to see these things we have grown up with and think nothing of, yet the children are so excited to see.

2 big funnies for yesterday, Chloe in the Chinese restaurant, saying "people are looking at us." I looked around and said "Who, I don't see anyone looking and why would they look?" She says "because 4 Chinese children, no one have 4!" As if they are celebrities. I told her "uh, sure people do and no one here cares if we do. It might just be the amount/way the 3 of you are EATING??"

And when we got home and they all had to hit the "WC" as fast as possible, Chloe and Kat clogged the WC- a total nightmare here because we only have one WC and Baba gets in a rant every time this happens, so as the boys are standing outside the WC yelling "WC mama, WC!!!!"

I am trying to fix it without Baba having to know (didn't work) and Chloe drags them off to their big brother's house next door to use HIS WC. I am SURE he was thrilled to get a visit from them just for that reason.

See, you all who "think" you want to live next to us, you may just want to rethink that. BTW, thanks for the WC answer, I KNEW you all could tell us. Guess we'll just have to go a wee bit o' British on the kids..... but they don't like tea??


Laurie said...

So fun to run into you guys yesterday - see, you're FAMOUS!!

Patty said...

Vickie you have to tell me how you pierced their ears yourself---did you use one of those kits I've seen at Walmart--the do it yourself thing???? I've always wondered how well that worked and if I could do it......Ellie wants to get a second piercing in each ear!

CarterC_嘉玲 said...
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