Saturday, May 29, 2010


I tried to let Chase go with Chloe to Hannah's house. Kat and Cam were going too, just to play. That way Chase could be around Abby, the girl he is going to be following in school on Tuesday.
The initial plan was to allow all the kids to go but Chance was rude to Cam over the TV this morning so he was not allowed to go. He was told this was the reason. He was unhappy and pouting but that's how it is. No behave, no fun.

So off the kids all went to see the Memorial Day parade and I was visited by 2 former foster boys who happened to stop in, making me very happy to see them. They went around the house and explored and said "it's the same here." Yep, that's why you did so well here. Always reliable, secure and a good routine.

Next thing I know I get a call. Chase is on his way home. HUH? He is upset and saying Lu Kai (Chance) over and over. So they brought him home. I sat with him and asked him if he was okay and rubbed his shoulder, told him I loved him and that's all I could do. He seemed fine once back here with Chance.

So we went and did some yard work, Chance and I, and it wasn't long till I got another call. Miss Kitty was on her way home. She was homesick and ready to come back. Homebodies. My kids are. And you know what, that's fine with me. Our home is their safe haven. I am glad to know Chase feels safe here, so many kids don't have that security and we are building it with them already.

I do hope they are okay being in the same school but different classes on Tuesday, that's my only concern. I think because it is a school setting they will be fine. Let's hope so anyway. If not they will be.. well, back home. With me.

And I'm really not upset by that. I understand them, I am secure and happy at home too. Guess they really are my kids, huh?
See my cute little Tommy dog? Chase yells, "DOG- AHH!" every time he barks, which is pretty often:( Not fond of dogs, either of the boys- they like the cat, who makes no noise, much better.

Have to tell you what Miss Kitty said to me, she said I have "so many Chinese kids, God must have made me Chinese on the inside since I'm not on the outside." I'm not quite sure how that works but they sure are in my heart:)

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Dawn said...

So very sweet... we are thinking about a move this year and I do worry about leaving the house that is "home" to my kids. Even my 24 year old daughter said NO you can not leave our house! (then come visit me dau!) Hey, I have a dog like that mine is black...