Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Okay, I caved. I signed the boys up for school. They want to go, there's 10 days left and they will go for a week. So be it. It may just work out for the best for a number of reasons.

First being the "newness" of them may wear off before the next year? They are not going to know how to handle their "rock star" fame, which is really typical for a small student body like ours. Everyone knows Chloe and that the boys were coming so they will be bombarded with attention- something they are not comfortable with.

Secondly, it will give them something to do for a week, and me a week of silence before the whole crew hits the door for summer vacation. And maybe my woodwork will get a break:) I swear that Chance isn't even fully awake and he is calling out "Mama suefan, suefan (eat, EAT)?"

Number 3 is an iffy, but they may decide to give them English tutoring for the summer if they are registered for school and start now, it will be up to the school to provide it. These guys are not learning as fast as Chloe did, they speak Chinese to her and to themselves and even to me, which is not getting their English skills started. Chance tries more than Chase, but he still thinks that I secretly understand Chinese and am just pretending not to. Don't I wish! I know "eat" and "I don't know what you are saying."

Chance has his hair spiked into a small mohawk today. Reason #4 to send them to school. Less hair products in use. Today it was mousse he had to have, when I went for a pack of noodles for supper and walked out with $75 worth of groceries- AGAIN.

Chance totally cracks me up. He is just like Chloe in some ways, the spunk, the non stop talking, but in others he is her opposite, he is male, he is left handed. He is also much less shy than her, he is always the first to say "hello" to someone new. He loves to mess with my hair, he told Chloe I have "very nice" hair. Then he argued that he doesn't love me. Then he asked for a peach and told me he loved me:) He also will hold my hand when we go places, something Chloe wouldn't be caught dead doing!

Chase is clearly used to being the quieter and calmer one. He is anxious to go to school, then was concerned when I paired him up with a girl. He said "he doesn't talk to girls." Uhh, you don't have to have a huge conversation with her, she's actually very quiet herself and is just a guide for him for school. I did make it clear to not follow her into the WC. Thought I better cover all bases:)
Mal asked if he got dressed in the dark yesterday? Uh, no, they have no understanding of "matching" clothes, and they have favorite clothes they like to wear that I can't wash fast enough for them to wear over and over:) Guess we'll have to help them with their school clothes outfits.

Both are very nice boys, Chance will RUN to help me with anything, groceries, laundry baskets, dishes, trash, they both do chores with no asking. I'm going to have to guilt their siblings about that, for sure!

I set up dental appointments, the boys have never seen a dentist, I figured that due to Chloe never seeing one either. Also their physicals for school and titers for shots, mainly Hep A and chicken pox, I am sure they all had chicken pox since Chloe did, but it has to be checked or shots given to go to school.

So I have everything ready for them and we'll see how this goes. Hopefully good, I would have never thought of doing this with Chloe and her being so shy, but each child is different and we have to consider each of their needs based on that. The boys are raring to go, go go. So go they will:)

P.S. -earring question, yes, I have a gun from WalM*rt. I buy a set of earrings (about $10). They come preloaded for the gun in sterile sets with the cleaner and alcohol wipes. Super easy, just load the cassette in the gun, aim and shoot. I've done 6 sets of ears so far. No problems.


Patty said...

Thanks for the earring info! Now if I can be brave enough to pull the trigger.....that is the real question. Interesting about the boys going to school. I've been thinking I'll want to keep our guy home for a bit at first but Ellie thinks he'll want to go to school. I better prepare myself for that!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Do you need a FOID for that gun? Our would it be an EOID?