Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poor Kitty

Break my heart. Miss Kitty went off to school yesterday crying. It seems she is realizing we are leaving soon. And she is not going. She is sure Grandma is not going to stay the whole time we are gone, I'm not sure why she thinks this because it's not true.

So I'm asking for help. Leave her some comments, if you will please, telling her how wonderful it will be to have her brothers home, how 12 days will go by really fast. Anything good you can think of. I'll read them to her and play up how much everyone cares about her:)

Chloe spent the night at Hannah's, being worked like a dog. At least that was my instructions to Hannah's mom, wear the girl out- please! She's going to be bouncing off the sides of the plane and I am sure driving people nuts. So if they can get her tired enough she will sleep, that will work out great.

My fave bro, we all know who that is, did a wonderful thing, he sent Chloe some funds for our trip as well as Chase and Chance. Last year when I gave her 100 yuan (approximately $14) she wouldn't touch it for nothing. She threw it back at me and said "whatever momma wants" any time I asked about buying things for her.

I should have recorded that, since she is the QUEEN of "I want" now. Anyway, she was thrilled, completely THRILLED, that Uncle Roy cared enough to send her money for her longgggg list of wanted things from Ch*na.

He also sent for the brothers and when I asked her if she knew she would have over 600 yuan this time and would she be "okay" with that much money? What does she say? "I finks (think) this enough, if no then maybe Chance, Chase give me some." WOW. That stinker. She's already taking over their funds for herself. Poor guys, they have no clue how different she is:) Guess they will need to learn quick to keep up with her.

Do you all realize we are just mere days away now. We leave home tonight in the early morning hours, getting our sons in 3 days- 36 or so hours! Matter of fact next post will probably be just a quickie to say we are there. In Ch*na, where our boys are. Pray for us, for this amazing journey and for our travels.

BTW, I got the laundry done, travel call completed, bathed the dogs ( forgot that on last list), toys are charged, boys haircuts done, checked in our flights and was thrilled to get us seats together! We thought we would all be split up:( I think we are really ready. Not getting much more ready than this, huh? I asked Chloe today if she was excited we leave tonight. She said "we not in Ch*na yet."

Are YOU all ready??


Nancy said...

Hi Kit,
You know I am a grandma, and when my little granddaughter, about your age 4-1/2, she doesn't want to go home because we have so much fun together. You will have a great time with your grandma and your mother will be home before you know it.

recoveryagent2 said...

Hello Kitty,
I am your friend Cadie, in Florida's friend. We think you are really lucky to be getting two new brothers. You will have so much fun with your grandma while mama has to go get your brothers home. I have two grandaughters named Meison and Gracyn. They were also born in China. We have lots of fun together when they spend the night. I bet mama will bring you a present when she gets home. I bet your grandma will help you make a welcome home sign for everybody and you can find a special place to hang it up. Maybe you can all come to Florida very soon and we will get to play together.
You can see Meison and Gracyn on the computer...maybe your grandma can help you find our pictures.

Sherri said...

Hi Kitty,

Your Mom and Dad and Chloe, Chase, and Chance, will be back home before you know it! I know you will miss them terribly while they are gone, but you'll be with your Grandma having fun of your own!

Dawn said...

Your mom and dad will always love their kitty cat and they will be home sooner then you think. then you will have two new brothers from China too and they will love you very much... you will be very special to them too. I am sure they will bring you a wonderful gift from China!! Have fun with your grandma it is a time for just you and her to have fun!!!

Chad and Kristy said...

Dear Sweet Kitty,
My little boy, Colin, stayed home with Grandma while we went to China. He was 4 years old! HE had sooooo much fun while we were gone. Grandma took him to the park, to play with his friend Jake, and even to the movies! He got a special treat every day that I left for him and I called him every morning and every night. He was having so much fun that he didn't seem very long until we were back home with his new sister. Get your mom to show you Colin's picture on our blog. Too bad we live so far away because I bet you two would be super friends! You are going to have so much fun with Grandma, I just know it!


skyblue59 said...

Dear Miss Kitty,
I understand you have an adventure coming up, lots and lots of time with your Grandma! You know, grandmas are very special people. They love to read stories and playing games, maybe even bake cookies. I'll bet your grandma loves you very much and is very excited about getting to be with you! Have a fun time with your Grandma!

Beth said...

Hi Kat,
I am Mrs. Smith. I have a big boy and girl waiting for me in China. My Emily is 6 and she is going to stay with her Grandma when I go to China. Grandmas are LOTS of fun! I will pray that your Grandma gives you LOTS of hugs and kisses when Mommy is in China.


Mrs. Smith

ka said...

Hi Kitty. I am grandma a Nana infact, I bet you dont realize you wont have to share your Grandma this time . Im sure she is going to spoil you alot, play some games infact I bet you can teach her some. Bet she makes you favorite food , bet you get lots of treats& sweets.. I know you will miss your Mom but this a your time to spend with your Grandma giving her lots of love too. She wont leave you she will be there the whole time mom is away. She never left your Mommy when she was little. Grandmas are special so enjoy your time with her. Maybe you have a dollar store or a walmart by you and you can get some crafts to work on with grandma and surprise your Mom and new brothers when they get home. Do you realize big brothers spoil little sisters. I hope you have fun with your Grandma , the days will go fast while Mom is in China.Dont worry everyones coming home to you .Enjoy Kitty ,love Karen

Kelly said...

Hi Kitty,
I have 4 girls, and they LOOOOVVVEEEE staying with their grandma. Whenever I go to pick them up they always hate leaving her house. I bet your grandma is just the same because its sort of a grandma rule to be more fun than the parents. I know your mom and dad are excited to bring your new brothers home, but won't it be nice for them that you can keep things in order for them. Make some signs and draw some pictures for your parents everyday, and then you can wrap them up and give them a present when they get home. I know you can do it! Kelly in SC

The Straight's said...

Looking forward to seeing you with your long awaited boys!

Andi68 said...

Vickie-We will be praying for your safety while you travel.
Kat-Don't worry, your Grandma and you and Camden will have a lot of fun while Mom, Dad and Chloe are away.
Your Cuz,
Andrea and Jamie

Sophie said...

Hello Kit,

Well I know that by the time you read this Mom and Dad and Chloe will be in China. I hope you are having a great time with Grandma and enjoying a bit of quiet around the house. Sometimes waiting for people we love to go off on a trip without us is really hard but somehow once they are gone it gets easier as we are doing some really great stuff so the days seem to fly by.

Chance and Chase must be so excited to meet you!!!!! I hope you have real fun showing them everything when they get home. They may be really big boys but they are going to need you to teach them so much about life in America and life in a family. Get ready Kit as you have a big job ahead of you.

Best wishes to you from
Sophie in Europe (see how famous you are we know all about you thousands of miles away!!!)

Anonymous said...


Learning Together at Home said...

Okay, I'm reaaaally hoping you get to post soon! Praying and hoping things are going really well!