Sunday, May 30, 2010

Picnic fun

Yes, we picnicked today, it was a beautiful sunny day, we ate and then the kids headed down to the creek to get messy. Of course:) They love anything to do with water, and were kind enough to bring back some crayfish to the picnic pavilion. Which Baba made them promptly put them back.

We enjoyed our day with Dean and Lisa and their crew, including Em, Evie and Ethan. Em and Evie are China girls and Kat, Evie and Ethan are all the same age. So they have enjoyed being able to get together over the past 3 years we have known our friends. We try to get all the kids together even with a small adoptive base of families locally, to give them children just like them.

It was a fun picnic with lots of yummy things to eat and I even got a picture of the elusive Donovan!

Enjoy the pictures, they even did well getting along, at least so far today:)


Lara said...

LOVE the shirts!

Holly said...

Catching up on my blog-reading...:) Love all your posts, Vicki! So glad things are going well. I continue to pray for you all!