Monday, May 10, 2010

Pearl Market and TB tests

The boys passed their TB tests. I thought they might worry they were going back for more shots and told Chloe, thinking she would tell them they weren't. Nope, not good 'ol sis, she let them suffer with worry till we got there and saw what we were doing. Isn't she so loving?

They were knocking each other around earlier and I pretended not to see it. They act just like, well, siblings!

After the TB test cleared, we went to the Pearl Market. I got a necklace of pink pearls. Chloe went with me along with Shai and family. They were still shopping when we decided we were done so we taxied back to the hotel after stopping and getting some lunch for the kids. Meat sticks, squid balls, a few other things I didn't want to know what they were and the boys went wild when we got back to the hotel and smelled the food. I heard "Wo ai ni momma" over and over, an improvement over this morning when they asked their sis how to say money and then proceeded to pester momma saying "money momma" over and over.
I think it's unfair I get no grace time for the "don't want to spend your money" from them but then I realize we also got the advantage of their 100% trust in us having come back for them and then having their sister who is still very fluent in Chinese but also been home over a year and is obviously very happy and loved. They are able to for go any fear by having her to ask things, her to translate and they also pal around with the other teen girl being adopted in our group.

It's a hard step for older children and they are drawing strength from one another. It's so hard to not be able to say "it will all be okay" and they all know it and believe it. We have a major hurdle passed with gaining the boys trust but it still hurt when Chance said yesterday after being sick he "had to eat" since he didn't know when the next meal would come. WOW. How many of us worry about that?

The boys are eating like crazy, although Chance did have to slow down, too many different things and he was looking green again this morning. He had some congee and that's all. Chase, on the the other hand, well, Baba has nick named him "The Eating Machine" as he is putting away food at an amazing amounts during meals. I love how they all share every dish, it comes out and they all dig in, if one doesn't like it they pass it on, nothing much goes to waste. Chase wanted to go back to bed after breakfast, I told him to wait and stop whining like a baby, so he laid down on Baba. We teased him about being a baby son and got a great laugh with him.

We are just hanging out today as it's pouring rain here, we do have plans to meet up with another 2 families for supper. Then Chloe is going to spend the night with Shai's family, like a sleep over for the girls again:) Lots of fun for them and an evening of just the boys for us:) Guess we'll revert to sign language without Chloe, I think we will be just fine:)


Jean said...

I am lovin seeing the boys with your family and reunited with their sister!

They act just like siblings should- very silly! The big kids need so much love too- just like the little ones!!

Mike and Barb said...

Glad to hear the boys are feeling better!
Enjoy the rest of your trip!