Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Sons

Legally OURS! We have 2 more sons. We are their parents, forever. Wow, we have longed for this since we learned of them. And here we are.

We did the registration of the adoptions and notary stuff today. We ran into our guide from last year's trip at the registration office, he was so happy to meet our daughter, he didn't get to see her as he was our guide in Beijing before we got her. He was equally surprised to know we were here for her brothers, that she had brothers. I told him he was no more surprised than I was when I got her:)

We were able to go shopping afterwards, Chloe was in HEAVEN-- shoes, sandals, pants, snacks galore, she was thrilled to get snacks she loves. Chance was not shy to say he wanted snacks and sandals, although mama ruled out the first pair they gave him, they looked like girl's shoes! Chase is more like Chloe used to be- the whole "mama pick" and won't tell us what he wants. So I had the guide tell him it's not easy to get Chinese books or snacks back home and to please tell us if he needs or wants something so we can get it while we are here:) I don't want him to get home and not be able to get him comfort stuff.

Chance is sooo much like Chloe and I find it hilarious that he is annoying HER. She refused to speak to him at supper, she said "he no listen, he too loud, he never sit down, yadda yadda". I wanted to remind her of a certain girl who crawled out of a taxi window last year but I just held my tongue. He did learn what "sit down" meant today on the shopping trip. He is very vocal, repeating much of what I say, talking to me even though I don't understand him, teaching me Chinese, and even making fun of my laugh, just like his sister does! The TURD!

Tonight's supper was a much nicer affair, Chloe and Chance napped this afternoon so They were raring to go, after the shopping we hit a restaurant and ordered about 8 dishes for $30. And we did it with minimal fuss, we picked off a menu with Chloe's help. She has gotten better about helping us, she was a real snot yesterday and Baba had to give her a talking to. It straightened her up but she worries about "showing off" a terrible shame here, and she was very hesitant to help us. When she realized we really needed the help she started helping more. She still will not answer Chinese people here asking "why" her English is so good.

But she readily claims US as her parents, I did tell her she could say "yes, they're my mama and baba" then walk away. She owes NO ONE an explanation of us she can leave them wondering how that could happen. That seemed to help her when coping with everyone, although she did say "why is everyone staring" in the store. I told her they never saw a red headed momma with a tattoo - I thought it was funny she is now bothered by something that is very typical Chinese.

They are very curious, even her brothers are just like she was, they will grab anything and everything and look at it, take off with it, even important papers, cameras, anything! They are like little kids right now and Chloe is annoyed with them and yelling at them often:) She already said she "didn't think Chance was ever gonna listen to us." Hummmm.... I recall thinking that as well a year ago:)

I guess since Baba hauled them off to the pool I have time to fill you all in on the "police story". We had to book our flight from Beijing to ZhengZhou, and we had 2 hours between landing and going on, but with getting our bags, going back through customs we missed our flight. We were booked on the next available flight- almost 6 hours later! As it was roasting hot in the airport we had the bright idea, why not hire a car to drive there, it's a 3 hour drive someone told us. So off Chloe and I go to see what we can figure out, outside to the curb and Chloe says "that's a taxi" and we proceed to try to ask him what the cost to drive us would be.

WELLLLLL......turns out he is not supposed to be there or pick up passengers there so over come the police and I am thinking "Oh great, we broke the law and Baba has no idea where we even are." Poor Chloe thought she got us in terrible trouble, but the nice police man assured us in English we were NOT in trouble, even though he did insist we go make a statement against the driver so he could be charged. I really didn't want to but I didn't want to be in trouble so I did it. Nice policeman was not so nice to law breaker, he was giving him the dirtiest looks and yelling at him, then turned to us and smiles? Scary.

Chloe, in the meantime was scared silent, and after an hour and one statement later, they let us go, and we slinked back to the terminal to sit silently and wait for our plane no matter how long it took. Chloe begged me not to tell Baba, but I told her we didn't do anything wrong so she said "okay, you probably have to since you married or something." Uhh, yeah, not keeping secret like that from Baba.

So other than the whole police fiasco which is just typical of us, we are doing well. I am so glad Baba came with me this time, the 3 of them can be quite exhausting but we are keeping ahead of them with both of us keeping at it. They are fun to be with but so constantly BUSY, or bored, we had to remind Chloe we did have paperwork requirements to get the boys HOME-- they didn't just come and now it's party time:)

They are very happy, even sniping at each other, we can hardly wait to get them home and share them with the rest of the kids. We see them blending right in perfectly, they are so at ease with sister and even us, it's truly wonderful to be able to love on them have them read the certificate we got today and know it's for good now, they are stuck with US:)


Sue said...

I think you will be a very very busy mama now. I can image you getting a lot of stares.

Lori said...

All your little stories totally crack me up, Vickie! What an adventure!

Nancy said...

Glad for the update and that the police incident remained just that - incidental.

By TURD I'm pretty sure you mean Terrific, Upbeat, Refreshing, Dude, right?!!

I would love to be a mouse in the corner listening to the three of them, if only I could understand Chinese words.

Lori Lynn said...

Wow! I cannot believe how fast this all has happened. It seems like just yesterday that you were getting Chloe. I still remember the story of her climbing out the taxi window.

I am really loving following your journey. I wish you all the best and now you know, those boys will settle down just like Chloe did once they feel comfortable in their new home.

Deb said...

I can't wait to hear how they like shopping and eating in Guangzhou. I hope you find all the just right things to bring home as memories of China. I know I sure love some of the wall hangings we got. Thanks for filling us in. I can't imagine the stress. I had a very stressful time just switching planes in Beijing to Zhengzhou,with the bus ride to a different terminal. Sounds like you did great! Savor the experiences!

Jean said...

Thanks Vickie! I love hearing all about it! Now try your hardest to keep yourself out of the local jail!


Sounds like the kids are exactly what they are- SIBLINGS! They will fit right in!

Lovin the journey- keep posting! Your the high light of my day!

Donna said...

A lovely sight! I love that the kids are all together and coming home!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Deb said...

I can't wait to hear how they enjoy eating and shopping in Guangzhou. I hope you find just the right things for memories from China. I love the wall hangings I found there. Thanks for sharing your journey. I would have been so stressed with the cab escapade. Great job!