Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On the Mend

Chase seems to be on the mend. He is up and hungry. Very hungry. Thanks for the prayers. He barely made it to the oath ceremony, Baba had to practically carry him after he threw up in the van.
(I want Mother of Year award for this- Ziplok bag prepared, towel, wet ones, and water to handle vomiting on the go) But he made it. He actually seemed to perk up a little afterwards, but went straight back to bed.
Another family here was kind enough to give us prescription strength anti- nausea meds as well. Bless them! No one else in our group had any and we were debating resorting to going to the Chinese "medicine shop" which I was really not wanting to do.

When we were called to the window for the visa applications the woman looked at their pictures, looked at their names and said "are they brothers" to which I said "yes". I was not going to lie. She then looked funny and said "are they twins" and I said "no, Lu Kai is Chloe's twin, our daughter we came for last year and learned of these guys". She then looked at their birth dates and she said "you okay with these birth dates?"
And I said "we know they were guessed for all 3 children so we sure are." She said "you must have had some BIG help--- and she looked up, wayyyy up, and then I knew, she believed in our God. I almost cried, as I said "we sure did." Thank You God for getting us through. I can not lie for crap and was determined not to.

Last night I took the twins for a meal with the rest of the group since one of the families was leaving today. Wellllll, apparently the twins decided to show off, push the bar, test the limits, you name it. They acted like they were 3 instead of 13. Soooo I took as much as I was able to, got them back to the hotel and I BLEW. I was so mad at them, Chloe for egging Chance on when she knows better, and Chance for giving me dirty looks, not listening to me on purpose and yelling at me in Chinese.

I told them, I'm not going to put up with those types of behaviors and they were 2 unhappy and pouting kids. Baba tried to talk to Chloe this morning and she copped attitude on us so we told her until she could behave like a decent daughter to us to stay in the room and we went downstairs to eat. She did not come down at all, and is still pouting. One stubborn girl, she is but she also knows her momma is even more stubborn and will outlast her- for her own good, that it.

I did feel better when one of the moms of another group here told me that they also had a few families hit meltdown status last night and today, so it must just be that time of the trip, it's taking it's toll on everyone. I know we have to take this kids home and blend them in and them behaving so poorly will affect everyone at home and not in a good way, not how I want to start off life as the mom of 10.
I doubt you want to see my kids pouting in their beds, so I'll post some pictures from Gotcha Day when the boys met their Baba. Aren't they cute. We love them so much, even badly behaved. And Baba is hugging Chance, not strangling him, that tongue comes out when he is happy. Just thought I better clarify that:)
For now we are 1 sleep away from HOME!!


Shelley said...

Oh Vicki! God is good, isn't He? I cried when I read about the lady at the consulate. What a gift! I am praying for Chase to feel better and for the flight home to go well. Can't wait to see the whole family together!

Holly said...

That is such a great story, that precious believer. Awesome! And every kid has their days. You are doing a fantastic job over there. I love the pictures!! I can't wait to read your blog every day. So glad Chase is feeling better!

Mike and Barb said...

Wow, your consulate story got me all teary (not the vomit part, I may add *haha*)
So, just out of curiousity, do Chance and Chloe not have the same birthdate given to them, then??

Lisa said...

Can I just say, I love love love that you're referring to Chloe and Chance as "the twins"! Too awesome! So glad Chase is feeling better. Have a safe trip HOME!

Donna said...

Good for you for being the "mean mommy" and laying down the law. Kids want structure and they'll love and respect you more if you don't let them think it's okay to do anything other than love and respect you!

And, of course, you love and respect them too and that's the REAL reason you'll be successful as a mommy of 10!

I know lots of people look at Chase and think he's so old and wonder how he'll ever bond and adapt when he's almost a man. But those of us with children his age know very well that he's still a BOY. When I look at him, I see my son and it makes me want to cry because he came so close to being pushed into the hard world with NOBODY to have his back. Thank God for you and Ron for giving these kids a future. I know you didn't do it for to save them or for any special credit but you did it and it made a huge difference in the lives of many precious children.

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