Monday, May 10, 2010

No dinner invitations

I'm really gonna have to consider who is going to be able to handle dinner with these lovely children. We met up last night with another group, one of the moms I know from our Yahoo Group for older kiddos.

There sat her adorable 7 year old little guy as sweet as could be, and I was thrilled to be chatting with her, enjoying our time. Then our kids got into the swing of things. First they ordered pigeon.

And yes, out came the WHOLE thing, head and all. Then as they devoured food off of any and all plates within reach, and some not, they decided to PLAY with the pigeon head, before they ate it. Like poking the eyes out with a chopstick and swinging it around.

And this would be CHLOE, the one we have to claim as being ours for a year already! Can't even blame it on something else:( All 3 children had complained they were FULL and didn't need to go to supper, after they made a snack run to the 7/11 earlier and came back loaded with MORE snacks. Snack things that I don't even want to know what they are, all I recognized was the ice cream.

We have rain in the forecast again today:( It's not great for doing anything, but we hope to do a cruise across the river after we make sure there is no issue with our visa applications for the boys, that will be known by 11:30 am then we are free to go do what we want.

Chloe spent the night with Shai and her family, hopefully some of her manners will have returned by the time she comes back?? Why do I think that isn't going to happen?


Starla said...

I'm loving following along on your great adventure! God is amazing to bring this all about. I'm curious though. If Chole and Chance are twins at 13ish, how old is Chase? Starla

Just Me said...

Just ran across your blog and am really enjoying catching up on your story. You sound like the perfect mom to these kiddos!! What a fun family! :-)

Mike and Barb said...

Who have GOT TO BE some sort of super-Mom. Where is your cape????

Sherri said...

Just so you know....the boys are no different than American boys!

When we came to China to adopt Olivia, we brought our 4 bio kids along and they did the same thing with the pigeon heads. Except they didn't eat them. But that post made me laugh!

Have a fabulous time!

Holly said...

Too funny!!