Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A new twist

Chase has confirmed what we thought was true. Chloe and Chance are TWINS!

We have suspected this for some time, as Chloe thought so but I was curious to see if Chase would know. And he does. They are twins. They are 13.

You can see the bond between the two. It's incredible. He's just like her, bouncing off the walls, like a mini mad man! We may be looking at ADHD meds- ha ha! I hope we can handle the 2 of them:)

Chase is quieter but just as bonded, it's fun to hear them chattering back and forth. Lu Fung, Lu Kai, Lu Fei blah, blah, blah. Chance is just as eager and willing to accept momma hugs, and kisses and when I tell him I love him he says "sank you." It's really cute. Lu Fei is quieter but not adverse to me either. He keeps testing me to see if I really am unable to speak Chinese as he tells me things and I am looking at him like he is nuts.

Chloe is being a moody teen and wasn't helping us to get a meal, so we are now eating Italian to pay her back for not wishing to help. It's not really easy as we are quite the amazing sight apparently, we went to the first restaurant and instead of telling us they weren't open till 5:30 pm they chose to let us sit there and stared at us and questioned the kids if we were really their parents. We left, they must have known we were not thrilled as we tried to pay for the soda we were able to get and they wouldn't take our money.
We did some of our adoption paperwork today, the signing of official documents and the boys signed saying they wanted to keep US:) PHEWWW, not that we couldn't tell. They are the happiest 3 kids I have ever seen.

I just keep looking at them and being so amazed, they are together, the Min sibs, and they are staying that way for good. They are adorable. They are enjoying some Cola now and trying to play their Nintendo and PSP games.

Chance already knows "let's go", I doubt these guys take long to catch on to English at all. We are just thrilled with them, we think we'll keep them as well:)
We just taught them we are not Auntie and Uncle. we are mom and dad. Chloe was laughing as they keep forgetting and calling us the wrong thing. The waitress is having a blast figuring out who of the kids speaks English and to answer in English and who doesn't, so she needs to speak to them in Chinese. We are a real riot here:)
That's all for now, things are good, I'll save that "police" story for another day, and no mom, do not call the consulate, we are fine!
Enjoy the pics of our 3 together- we sure are enjoying them. God is SO GOOD!!


Lori said...

Wow, Vickie!!! Twins!!! That is incredible and now that I see them side by side, it's quite obvious. Love that little twist!

Sounds like you guys are having an amazing adventure. DULL will be an unknown word in your house, friend!


Shelley said...

What a beautiful sight to wake up to this morning!! My heart is so full for your family. I cried looking at the 3 of them together. Praying for you all! Shelley

Truly Blessed said...

OMW - crying happy tears for you, for Chloe and Chance and Chase. Your horrible, year-long wait is finally over! I'm happy, happy, happy for you!!!

Sherri said...

Congratulations Vickie! I am so happy for all of you!

I can't wait to hear the police story.

sierrasmom said...

Oh it keeps getting more wonderful!!

Bangs said...
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Bangs said...

Amazing!! I have been praying for this reunion since you picked up Chloe. Seeing them all together brings tears of joy to my eyes. Everyone looks so happy!!

Once you are home and everything is final, I would love to hear more about big brother and how you got him home. I've read all your blog posts but would love to hear more.

Praying for a safe journey...

Marjorie said...

yay! I was thrilled to see both of your updates! Congratulations!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...


They do look just alike!!!!


I have chills all over.

Fairy tales really do come true!

You all need to write a book, if the kids are OK with it of course! Seriously, though the first printing would no doubt sell out!!!

I am so glad EVERYONE on all sides did what was RIGHT and TRUE.

Nancy said...

Cool! I was going to comment last night about how much Chance and Chloe look like each other (they all do, for that matter), but them especially. It crossed my mind that they could be twins. How fun!

Donna said...

The surprises just keep coming and coming!

I love seeing the kids together again. I can only imagine how much of a culture shock this will be for them but they're together and that's sure to make it all so much easier. Chloe will be a big help too, I'm sure.

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Amy in Arizona said...

I am so excited for you guys! What an amazing story! I am so glad everything is going so well and their bond is still so strong. I can't wait to read more!!

Mike and Barb said...

This is the best ending to a great story, and a beginning of a new family for your three teenagers! Wow, your family continues to touch me deeply!
Many blessings to you all!
God is good!

Jerry and Christy said...

What a blessing to see the three of them all together. We were commenting last night how much Chloe and Chance look alike. Twins! That explains it. What a wonderful trip.

K....mom said...

I'm so amazed that the twins were separated, what a childhood! You did an amazing thing.

Dawn said...

What an amazing adventure God has you all on! How blessed you all are... well, excluding the jail thing of course.. we are all waiting on pins and needles for that story... Your life is just too much fun...

Barbara A. said...

Whoaaaaaa!! I have chills!! Twins!! Oh thank you Lord for bringing this family together again! They all look so happy, they love is so evident.
Can't wait to see and hear more.

Barbara in CT

Kathy said...

Oh MY Gosh!!! I told my family when
I saw the pics last night they look like
TWINS!!! Wow!!! My twins are super close
I can't imagine if they were separated how
hard it would be for them.
More tears of joy!!
God is good!!!

Learning Together at Home said...

Absolutely the most delightful thing to hear on top of every other delightful bit of this story. I'm so happy for you all. God is so big!

Patty said...

So so soooooooo happy for you!!!! This is the best news ever, to see them all together again like that. Can't wait to hear more of your journey!!!!

Annie said...

What a beautiful sight!!!!!! I just love seeing them back together!! How wonderful to find out that Chance and Chloe are twins!! What a beautiful, beautiful story!!!!

Grandma Shelley said...

Awesome, Just awesome, Vickie! I am sooo happy for you and your whole family. Enjoy your time with the 3 sibs...before the rest of the sibs can chime in on the fun!

Mandi said...

Oh Vickie, I am SO glad to see that not only did you arrive safely in China but that you have your boys! God is SO good.

It is also nice to see that Chase was able to confirm your your thoughts about Chance and Chloe are twins. How exciting for you and them.

I cannot wait to hear how Chloe got you sent to the police station.

I am looking forward to more updates.

Lynn said...

It's so great to see them all together! YOU DID IT! I'm so happy for you all.

Cayle said...

I been checking up for post constantly! I just couldn't wait to see the three of them together.

I have incredible goose bumps and tears of happiness!

I can't believe their twins but then looking at them they look just alike!

I hope all 5 of you guys enjoy your time in china. x3cayle!

trina said...

'Sank you'...that is sooo sweet. Only God could orchestrate something this amazing. Looking forward to your next post...and waiting for that police story. Oh my.

Jean said...

Twins!! I love it! Congrats!!

I'm lovin your pics! Thank you for posting them! Be sure to check one more time if there are any other MIN siblings left there! Now wouldn't that be a new twist to this already incredible story!

Looking forward to hearing about you and the police!!

Blessings on your journey!!

Krista said...

Incredible~ I am so happy for your whole family! How wonderful to have everyone together finally!
Have an amazing trip!! (actually it looks like you already are!! YEAH!!!!
Krista D

Wright Family said...

this is the most awesome story ! congrats to EVERYONE ! Catherine

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

This brings tears to my eyes!!! These pictures are priceless!!!!

Starla said...

What an amazing, incredible, God story. Love reading along....Starla

Ladyblog said...

Wow! Awesome updates! I'm so happy for your family!

Research said...

TWINS!!!Wow! I am just now catching up, I have been out of town but you have been in my thoughts and prayers!

So, so happy! Love the pics, can't wait to hear the police story.


Chrissy said...

That twin news is almost as exciting as first reading about finding out that Chloe has brothers! Wow. How excited are the kids at home? I bet you can't wait to get them all together!