Friday, May 7, 2010

A New Day

Word of the day- TIRED. Our flight was delayed yesterday not once but twice:( We were dropped off at the airport at 5:30 pm and boarded at 11:30 pm. We got in to the hotel around 4 am.

And were up at 7 am. Now we are trying to keep kids awake to get to the medical exam appointment shortly. Baba went to the bank to get money switched, the rate at the Vict*ry Hotel stinks.

One good thing about the many hours in airport- children realized what true boredom was and was told if they do not start behaving themselves we will sit in hotel and do NOTHING for rest of trip. We were trying hard to pretend they didn't belong to us in the airport, hey, it's not like they look like us- ha ha ha! Too bad they keep calling us Baba and Mama till someone actually asked Chloe if she was "Chinese?" Hello, what does she look like? So then they asked why her English was so good and she gave her standard answer, "I don't know" and walked away, just as I told her she could if she wanted to:)

So far today we are claiming the three turds, we have totally worn them out, or we have turned a corner. Either way, we'll take it:)

Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned the kids in room alone and we would hear if they did something.... W-E-L-L....... we went to check out yesterday and we found out what "it" was. The kids sent out the laundry, but Chloe decided "EVERYTHING" the boys brought with them, more than I ever expected, was "stink" and she sent it out. Chance signed for it. Not so nice $200- yes, that's not a typo 200 DOLLAR laundry bill and I was ready to strangle both of them. Needless to say their shopping funds are GONE. I could not believe it, 200 dollars for laundry. We are the cleanest people here for now, we'll be stinky till we get home because no one is sending anything out again.

We're off to meet the group, glad to be settled in for the final leg of the journey to the boys.


Mike and Barb said...

Wow, you have so much more grace than I would, I think!! You truly have nerves of steel and a sense of humor :-))
Love the updates, as usual.
Praying for grace, peace and love from above....

Anonymous said...

I like your blog.

Lori said...

Surely you don't mean $200 US dollars??? Either way, it's a lot of money. Yikes. Turds, for sure! LOL!

Oh! The bank across from the Victory has a MUCH better exchange rate! I think you're gonna need it. :)

Holly said...

Aaaaah!! Oh my goodness!! That's just all I can say!