Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My name is....

Yesterday Chance was hanging around when Chloe was trying to do a homework assignment I was helping her with so I put him to work. Learning his name, that is. I wrote it for him and then had him write it over and over. I noticed later he had something written in his palm? Yep, his new name:) Isn't he the cutest?

We took all the kids to track practice and the boys did 2 things we expected. Chase hung around with us, and Chance was right out there as if he was in track. The coaches were cool with him following along and he actually went with Cam for a long time, before he ended up right back at Chloe's side. She was hanging out with her friends, GIRLS, so he wasn't totally thrilled.

It's very funny that in the one picture of him standing beside the hurdle, his pose and expression is just identical to Chloe. I know I have seen the exact look and pose from her many, many times. It made me do a double take when I saw it!

It has been 14 months they were apart, but to look at them now, just 2 weeks back together and you would never know they had been apart at all. It's very obvious they have a twin bond that is very strong.

Chase must have changed clothes 3 times yesterday in addition to spiking up his hair, and spiffing up his shoes constantly, I told Chloe to tell him "NO girlfriends- too young" to which we got the usual nod with a smile. I'm never sure if that means "okay" or "I'll agree to humor you mom."

He's wayyy too cute for his own good. My pictures do not do him justice. He's gonna give me grief when he hits the school this fall.

Chase was walking the track with dad last night, you can just see how much he enjoys having a dad, he's just so amazingly comfortable with us both but you can see he is drawn to his Baba. And Baba really likes him, they share a love of music, and they are both the quiet, strong types. So they get along very well.

The boys will be enrolled in school for the fall, Chance is going to 7th grade (middle school) with Chloe, Chase will go to 9th grade (high school) with a buddy helper. I have lots of work to do with them this summer. They will not progress as fast as Chloe because they fall back on her too much to speak Chinese with her. She did not have this option so she became fluent in English very fast.
We do not have to change ages of the kids for the schools. We have no records of schooling for the kids and our school district has learned it's best to just let me decide where to place them and be done.
Seriously, I know my kids, and there is NO LAW saying they must go where their age states they normally would be placed. They know I will fight them if they try to force my kids where we do not feel comfortable placing them. Chloe is very much a perfect fit for 6th grade right now, and with her age being wrong, it was not that far off of where she would be per her right age.

Other than our children being the only ESL (English as Second Language) students in our district, the school has been on top of providing whatever our children need. Although the ESL teacher is retiring this year- after only a year of Chloe- I think it will be time for a fresh new teacher ready for these 3 anyway. Chloe doesn't exactly LIKE her ESL teacher, making it tough on both of them.

As far as "someone" changing a birth date to make Chase eligible to adopt. I'd have to say I think someone did. I do not know who- the amendment for his file was translated but not signed. I have no other copy, nothing in Chinese. We believe that God touched some one's heart to understand this boy NEEDED to come with us as his siblings would both be here and they KNEW we wanted him.
I don't believe anyone there purposely made the mistake of not reporting them as siblings and to amend this was making that long ago error- corrected. As best it could be.
You can imagine the thoughts we have been tormented by-what if someone had picked one of the boys and not learned of the others till too late? What if we had learned of them too late? It almost WAS too late, if not for God's miracle for these 3.
We can't begin to think this working out has been anything BUT a God thing, too many ways this COULD have gone, but instead here we are. Blending them in as our sons. Blown away by His provisions for the lives of our children is putting it mildly. We are in awe. And we hope our children's story touches as many people as possible to see God's LOVE, His total love for His children. It's why we feel led to share them:)

What else are the boys up to. Well, eating. And eating. And eating. You won't believe what they ate since we went to the store in just 24 hours. 2 bunches of bananas, an entire case of ramen noodles, 2 POUNDS of lunch meat, an entire loaf of bread, 10 tangerines, 1/2 container of cherry tomatoes, a large container of strawberries, 4 big cucumbers, and this would be in addition to MEALS, just what Eating Machine #1 and Eating Machine #2 ate. No one else!!

I swear EM #1 and EM # 2 are going to be gnawing on the woodwork soon. I may need to request donations for food- ha ha. I can't believe what all they have eaten, nor can Baba and we have BIG grown sons that could eat a ton of food, EM's 1 and 2 could put them to shame. They are asking "go shopping mother" again already today! Too bad that won't be happening, Miss Kat is home today not feeling well. So that rules out food shopping for today for the Eating Machines. Their complaints that their pants are too loose in the waists are not going to be an issue for long. And trust me, they need the weight added, they are painfully skinny.

The boys actually slept today till 6 am, a big improvement over the 4 and 5 am they had been getting up and being loud. They seem to have 1 volume and it's not quiet:( Pretty typical teens.
Chance is my little buddy, he will help me in any way he can see to help. He's really fun and I am actually picking up some of their more common sayings "no problem, I don't know what you are saying" and they have picked up a few of mine, "uh, huh, dog, get up, stop, tea."
Maybe since they "slept in" today Chloe will be a bit nicer, she has been like a bear with a sore tushie, jet lag has hit her hard and she is miserable trying to go to school and get back to our routine.
I can't think of anything else to share except we were puzzled why the 2 deodorant sticks I gave the boys were in the shower, I guess my pantomime skills are poor, they did not understand what that was for and thought it was soap? Chloe helped out with that one, I wonder how well that worked for them? Oh well, they would at least be smelling "Arctic fresh" even if they weren't? Just a day in our life:)


Nancy said...

The deodorant issue made me think of a joke my sister told me last weekend, having to do with it reading "remove cap and push up bottom"...

This could be a problem for new english learners. I'm just saying. That's all. I "crack" myself up sometimes.

Nancy in MN

Donna said...

Nancy! You crack me up too! Oh geez.... that's funny!


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Bangs said...

Smiles. The photos make me smile, reading about Chase and his Dad made me smile, reading what the boys ate made me smile, Nancy made me smile.... I am just so thrilled for all of you

Kathy said...

Wow! That is a lot of food!

I so relate...Sarah used her Japanese
Cherry Blossom body lotion for body
wash in the shower.