Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moving on

Ornery children are sitting here harassing mother. Guess they're mine alright. Chance wants to go swimming, he thinks if he asks with a smile 10 times the 10th time I will give in. Ha ha, he's got another thing coming. He is stinkin' cute though.

We are working more on MANNERS this morning than we have been, we can't be as lenient as I was with Chloe since she was an only here with me and we could give her time. These guys are loud, rude and ornery. Not that we don't love them as is, but we do want to take them out to places some day:)

And if we let this go it's going to get out of hand before we get home, so we are uncaring of what the Chinese people think and working with them. All 3 of them:) They are fast learners too, bright as can be, just testing to see if they can get away with and Chloe has had to be told it's not okay for HER to misbehave then think she can smile and do something "just one more time" as it's showing them disrespect of us. So she is now pouting. Oh well. We have to live forever with the 3 of them, we are their parents and we will expect them to respect us. No leeway on that one.

I did get kisses and "wo ai ni, mama" out of all of my children last night, nothing like a little threat of taking Nintendo if I didn't get what I wanted, and had to take it from Chase to which I got "mama, wo ai ni, ao ai ni, wo ai ni" REAL fast :) Then when dad took off to the other room I told him "wo ai ni Baba" and Chloe said "will you guys stop saying Chinese?" I said "why do we have a terrible English accent to it?" And she said "yes" and I told her "what do you think you do to English? Do we tell you to stop talking?" She's realizing so much being here:)

We move on to Guangzhou tonight, a 3 hour flight, I am not thrilled to be going back to an airport, poor Chloe is paranoid now of all police, she sees one and says "are we in trouble?" Uh, no, just walking down the street? But we got the boys' passports and everything is done here now. So we are on our way to get the visas done and get on home.

I'll post some pics and take my now somber but behaving children upstairs-- a work in progress and totally worth it:) No later post planned for today due to the travel, no complaining MOM, I think I have done well trying to blog as much as possible!

We thank everyone again, I know AGAIN but I have to, for getting us here. I hope everyone who helped in any way, prayers, financially, supportive, every one of you, know that this is the most wonderful thing you have helped to do.

We love these children so much and it's incredible the love they have for each other, I can't imagine them spending their lives separated and Thank God we don't ever have to now. They are truly our sons. We love 'em, ornery and all:)


Jean said...

Teenagers- every one of them! It is so good you are an experienced Mom!!

Give an inch they'll take a mile!

Good job Mom and Dad!

So so thankful they are together and with their forever family!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Congratulations on a great first week! Hope your flights were smooth and that you are up and happy busy this Friday. Cheers to smooth medical exams and all your paperwork go through on schedule next week. So very happy for your *whole* family!
Lila on RQ

shelley said...

I have one teen and I think some days I am not going to make it. You are surely to be blessed for having so many at once. Please keep the faith and stay strong. Smart teens are the hardest.