Saturday, May 8, 2010

Med exam done

We got the medical exams done, we took off late morning and the boys were all cleared except for 4 shots and TB test. We got a picture of them before they went in, Chloe's new friend "Shai" is going home to Pennsylvania and her dad is the funny guy in white, Chloe and he pick at each other constantly.

Since we also live in PA I am sure the girls will stay in contact and it will be good for both of them. Shai is a sweetie and once Chloe got over her shyness to talk more with her they have been pals ever since.

Shai even came and sat on Chloe's lap at the med clinic when they ran out of seating:) It's been super for Shai to have Chloe to see how happy she is with us and knowing she has handled English learning and American life so well and to talk with her in Chinese.

At the medical center we ran into our guide (Sarah) we had last year for Chloe and she was so impressed with that Chloe girl:) That Chloe's English is so good, that she still speaks Chinese and she said "I knew you'd come back" to me:) Yep, sure did. Had to bring home certain boys, you see:)

Chance kept saying he would get 1 shot, he was very concerned about that, I told him "no FOUR." He wasn't thrilled, but handled it like a trooper since Chase had gone first and did fine. Or so I thought.

I was standing with Chance when Sarah came to me and asked "what's wrong with you boy, he down" and I turned around to see Chase down on a bench surrounded by medical personnel! My heart just dropped. I ran over, leaving poor Chance to get his last shot alone, to find out Chase had gone out to the waiting area with Baba after his shots, crouched down in a squat and when Baba asked him if he was okay, he just sort of dropped over in Baba's arms and he and another dad got him to the bench.

For all the medical staff standing there staring at him, they finally got a nurse to take his blood pressure, get him some water and he started coming around. He was all clammy, but I had my trusty Reese's Pi*ces in my bag and fed him a few to get his blood sugar up and we sat with him for a few minutes then asked to get him back to the hotel. I think he was embarrassed but he shouldn't have been, he was going on 2 hours sleep, so he was exhausted and it was not something he could help. His rude parents took a picture of him, aren't we just awful?

After getting him a rest and getting my swollen feet propped for a few hours we went out to eat supper. It's very humid here and Chloe is complaining about the heat. She "don't like it". We walked around some and the island literally looks like a bomb was dropped here, it's awful. Very hard to get around and so many shops gone from last year when I was here for Chloe.

Speaking of that Chloe, the girl seems to have developed amnesia, she barely recalls any of the trip when I came for her except she did recognize Lucy's when we ate there tonight. She was so funny when we got our meals, the boys do the same things she did at first with me, here it's okay to grab off any plate at the table. Matter of fact when any of the sibs get fruit they get a plateful or 3 bananas instead of 1 and they all share. Even with us:) It was okay for the boys to grab and chow down on my fries, 'cause they came out first, but when her meat sticks came she guarded her plate with her whole body and yelled at Chance not to touch, it was HERS.

The boys are doing much better listening to us, not so sure Chance is thrilled but he is behaving better. Chase can be a bit ornery and try things but he is more compliant, where Chance will push more. But even today I saw a good change toward accepting this is what it is to have parents after Chloe gave him a talking to that she wouldn't put up with getting in trouble because of him.

She thinks when we have to tell her to tell him to knock it off that she will be in trouble if he doesn't listen. We assured her we knew what he was doing and she was not getting in trouble for his antics. We have about a 2 month lead on behaviors with these guys due to the trust they already have in us to test us out. So it's all cool. Oh and "the look" from mama, needs NO language:)

It was pretty funny when we did some pictures outside Lucy's with the "fluffy lady" of Ch*na and when we joked and said it was "Mama" Chance pretended to choke her and slap her. Ha ha boy, what a fun stinker you are!

We are asking Chloe to translate less and let us work it out, the boys know "Let's go, wait, sit down, no, yes, don't do that, good job, and dog."Not bad for 4 days, huh? They are bright, no doubt about that. They are also very helpful in any way they can, they will run to help push the baby strollers, they do not hesitate to help with the babies in the group. And they are learning to be very polite, Chase nearly got hit by a car by walking right out in front of it, as I saw it and called him, he turned to me and said "sank you". Uh, yeah, didn't come this far to see you pancaked by a car, son. So you're welcome!

Tomorrow is free day except short time to do paperwork. We've had a lot more free time with this trip, but then we haven't toured much at all. We plan to hit the pearl market on Monday and Wednesday is the zoo. I'm sure the sibs will like the zoo, not so sure about the Pearl Market but Baba is considering the Electronics market when we go to the Pearl Market so we may split up to do that. We'll have to see.

The kids are all asleep for the night already. I'm headed there soon:) Only 6 more sleep till we are HOME!


rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Love that restaurant! Love that hotel! Why does that are look bombed out?

Dawn said...

Hey, I told you they would love the "fluffy" Lady... ;-) Have you gone to the shopping street yet...we stayed at Holiday inn and loved that area and pet street too... wanna see if the kids try to smuggle a pet home?

in OR.

Holly said...

I am wondering about what you mean by the island looking like a bomb hit it too. That's so sad about so many shops being gone.