Saturday, May 15, 2010


Let the fun begin, we are HOME. 32 hours from when we awoke in GuangZhou, Ch*na we are back in Pennsylvania. WOW.

Our flights were okay, we started out with tickets for GuangZhou to Beijing for all of us but nothing more for the boys:( Said we had to get them in Beijing. WELLL.... as nothing can go too easy for us, we got there and after being sent to 4 different places, we finally found the right counter to get tickets for the boys and we had to upgrade to get seats together;( Was not thrilled to pay for that but it was only for me and hubby the kids were free and it got us seats together. I did not want to have my kids spread out all over the plane for a 13+ hours trip!

So from Beijing to Washington D.C. someone threw up on landing. I'll let you guess who, leave a comment and I'll tell you who got it right.

Our flight was then delayed on the runway due to storms. When we got off finally we had to go through customs and at that point our boys were U.S. Citizens- YEAH!!!!! I cried a little, hey, I was overwhelmed at that point. The customs guy took us through very fast, it might have been the mention of him stamping things May 14 and us saying "is it really May 14th still??" We had been up since 5:30 am, lost 12 hours in flight so yes, it was.

On we went to Pittsburgh after a short delay and when we hit the airport the boys said to Chloe "where's the house?" Uhh, 3 hours away? They were HUNGRY, no surprise there, so we treated them to their first American meal McD*nald's, of course, where they picked apart the chicken sandwiches and viewed them like they were gross. Amazing since these are kids who see a whole pigeon cooked up and get excited?? They are in for a rude awakening here, I already told them, no trapping the dogs or cat for supper, please.

We crawled in about 3 and Cam was up waiting, Kitty got up to say "hi" and I am still trying to convince the kids to go to bed. I'm headed for mine. They are playing, I'm running out of steam. I hear a bird singing outside my window, shut up bird, go back to bed.

All is well. We are home. We made it. God is so good.


April said...

Welcome Home!!!!!!! I've been praying for you all, so glad to hear that you are all home safely.

Lori said...

Oh's gotta be Chase that got sick! Look at that picture. Poor guy!!

So glad you guys are home safe and sound. That trek home is a killer. Ugh.

So sorry the perky little bird was taunting you with its well-rested tunes this morning! Heehee. Stupid bird. Was it a pigeon? LOL!

Oh and I think you deserve "Blogger of the Year" for giving us so many great updates while in China. Good job!

Grandma Shelley said...

I am so glad you are home! Let the games begin?! Oh...and he who barfed? The one who is called "He Who Eat Too Much"......

Grandma Shelley said...

oh, sorry....I forgot to add a name... Chase?? and also forgot to add:
Congrats on being back in the Good Old USA!!

skyblue59 said...

Welcome Home! Thank you for sharing your adventure to Chin@, it has been wonderful to follow you along the way.
Chase. Gotta be.

Nancy said...

Welcome home. Can't wait to hear how the boys adjust and Chloe re-adjusts. I am sure it was Chase who got sick. Sensitive stomach or still a little sick? Loved following your blog while you were in China and will continue to do so. said...

Now that you're home...congrats! I did want to add that when my son was littler he would get sick like that when he received egg-based shots, fever and all. Just something to consider if he decides to get a flu shot down the road.

Nancy said...

Welcome HOME Chase and Chance! Don't try to conquer everything in one day, ok?

And I think it was your momma who barfed on the plane, over excitement at how amazingly cool and unbelievable this whole adventure has been!

Nancy in MN

Kathy said...

Welcome home!!!
Coming home is quite the journey
and so very exhausting. Praying you
get some much needed rest.
You are definitely going to need it! ;)

Patty said...

Welcome Home!! What a journey! Thanks for all the great updates, keep them coming!
Praying the jet lag goes away quick and you can all get settled in!

Sherri said...

Welcome Home!!! Gotta be Chase who got sick! Yeah and what is pigeon? That's too funny they started picking apart the sandwich.

Let the fun began now that your home...

Looking forward to your next post and try and get some rest!

Dawn said...

Welcome home... and welcome to the newest American citizens... ya, we all know it was Chase who got sick. Poor guy... and poor you. I wish I lived next door to you it would be so much fun... ;-)


Learning Together at Home said...

Now the fun begins - you've got that right! Welcome home and hope you can rest some. (And I guess Chase. Poor kid.)

Mike and Barb said...

Welcome home!
Okay, the "shut up bird" part made me laugh out loud. Being tired to the very core is an ugly thing.
Wishing you much rest, and much strength for the transition home.

mom2joy said...

When you blog, I am sure I am hearing you talk! It is so much fun to find a new post. Thank you for sharing, making sure everyone knows that it isn't all a bed of roses, but always telling your story with a deep sense of joy and delight that is surely God-given. You are blessed to be a blessing, and that, you are!! Welcome home, and a special welcome to the new U.S. Citizens.

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)