Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Momma's Day

What a fun way to spend my Momma's Day:) Shopping with my kiddos. Although I do miss my ones at home:(

We took off to the streets across the river to shop since not much is here on the island. When I say "a mess" I mean torn up streets, uneven sidewalks, not "let's walk around a work site past the taped off area" more like "there's a dude welding close enough to catch a spark and go on fire!" Yikes. Knowing my kids, well, we just won't go there.

Speaking of, not a day goes by without some fun from these three, Chance was not looking so good this morning and when we went to breakfast we got to the lobby and he barfed. Ahh. So gross. I told him to sit and just rest while we had breakfast but the child thinks he isn't getting a "next meal" as he told Chloe and he had congee (rice soup) then toast, wonton soup, fruit, yogurt till I stopped him. I think he over did it on the snacks, he is an all for nothing type of boy.

BTW, these kids are really having fun, I swear the second the camera comes out they put on those grim faces like we are torturing them:(

I told the kids it was Mother's Day and I got flowers bought for me (with my money:) from the market:) I also got a kiss and wo ai ni from Chase. I think Chance isn't sure he really likes me yet:) That's okay though, I love the bugger boy.
We got to set up a Skype video to call our church this morning (morning service for them, night for us) since I wasn't letting anyone get my glory for the momma of the most:) Actually it was quite fun to let them see our children as they have been praying for the boys and Chloe for a LONGGGG time. Supporting us to follow God's wish for these precious sons. And precious they are.
Chloe's new buddy Shai is spending the night over tonight:) They have become inseparable and are going to be so sad to part ways but we will keep these 2 in touch, it will obviously be a big benefit to both the girls:)
As Baba and I sat and watched these wonderful children play in the pool today, I just couldn't help but think what an amazing sight it is to see them joking, laughing and totally at ease. It's like they have no cares in their world anymore, just as children shouldn't.

As I wish you all Happy Momma's Day I have to feel incredibly blessed on this day to have 2 more sons this year and forever more. Chance and Chase, sons of my heart.


Love for Lilly Yin said...

What a great mothers day for all of you.

Laurie said...

I'm loving reading your blog and going back through your archives! I'm a State College Freedom Bridge mom!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...


Theis Family said...

It was neat to see your picture on Woody and Becky's blog. We traveled with them when they adopted their daughter Sarina in OCT 08. We love their family! Hug them for us and congrats on your boys...they appear to be a blessing and a joy:)

Regina said...

What a blessed Mother's Day!!! Two more children have someone to call mother this year. That is the true blessing of the day.

Mike and Barb said...

Happy (late) Mother's Day to you, too!

Holly said...

My favorite post yet. : ) What a wonderful Mother's Day!