Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Day

We have a free day today. We are walking to Walmart. Going to the park and swimming is on the agenda. These 3 do not sit and wait well. They want to PLAY. See how bored they are in the picture?

They continue to do great, not that we expected any issues. We can see with Chance we have to stay on top of him, he is one busy guy. He's very cute and laughs often. He wants to tell me things over and over as if he will get his way if he says it 10 times- ha ha.
Chase had an issue with his name, it apparently sounds something like "cheese" although Chloe says "NOT CHEESE" it's "che' ahha."But it means to be angry and he was concerned his name meant that. We had to tell him over and over, "no it's good American name." So he is okay with it now, we just are calling him Lu Fei for now here. He'll see at home when he gets more English.

Chloe is much calmer and happier, I think she needed the talk we had this morning about not worrying to translate every word they say, to let us talk to them and teach them as we did her. I can guess many things, I know more Chinese now and even though that bugger Chance tried to say turtle and when I tried to repeat turtle in Chinese he added a bad word to it and Chloe went off on him, and she told me why too. So the girl's got momma covered:) Good for me to know.
Another girl adopted in our group at age 13, almost 14, she's having a rough time, Please pray for her, this is so tough and unknown for her:(

We're off to Walm*rt, yeah, even in China after we mail some stuff to the orphanage since we aren't getting to go there:( Too far, we are told even though we went last time:( Differences in agencies, but honestly we got our sons, her brothers, we have no complaints. This is a total miracle of God and we thank Him deeply for these 3 kids. They are fantastic. We love them:)


Jean said...

The sound like typical teenagers! never a dull moment!

Thank goodness you area seasoned parent! Been there done that!

Grandma Shelley said...

Boy, I'm impressed, Vickie! You are doing an AWESOME job of updating those of us who are living thru you! hhhmmmm, wonder you took those threats seriously? LOL

Great Job! Keep it up!!