Friday, May 7, 2010

Flight delay

Our flight has been delayed so here's some pictures, the kids in our group, our kiddos, Chloe and baby Mya having fun, Chloe and her new friend Shai. Mya and Andrew's parents have fostered them as ex-pats so they are very sweet babies and very happy.

Poor Mya's parents will have to unteach her what our kids did, they ask Mya where her belly is and she pulls up her dress to show her belly. Aren't our children sweet?? I think they'd love to bring home a little one, they all 3 fight over the babies!

I'm not including the pictures of buildings, the 5 bowls of wonton soup Chance ate at lunch, water glasses,etc. ENJOY!

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L.A. said...


I am just catching up on your posts and they are awesome. God Bless you for all that you have done, and you have the best sense of humor too !! Of course, we all know you will need it :):)

Take care,

Lee Ann