Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Better Day

Well then. Chloe must have gotten something worked out in her head because she came out of her room dressed for the track meet this morning. Too bad she did not plan enough time to sit and talk with me to make it to the track meet. She was thinking she would just scoot out of here and we would forget all about the trouble but I nipped that thought right in the bud.

We talked. She understands more of where I am coming from with what is expected of her and how we want things here to go. That we are not here to just provide food and shelter and the children run amok. Nope. We are the bosses of this family and a family it is. We expect them to act like the siblings they are, all of them. She did not understand me saying what she did to Cam was like a "slap in the face." She right away said "I no slap Camden in face." Uhh, yeah, not what I was saying there:)

I think in many ways taking Chloe back to Ch*na brought up many feelings, behaviors and hurts she has had in the past. Probably good in the long run for her to work through. Maybe not so great in the short term to have them affecting her behavior now. But we will work it out with her. Our #1 commitment beyond God is this family. And we will do what it takes.

I am sure she did not and maybe still does not like me today. That's okay too. Because she knows we love her and we aren't here to be her friend. I'm her mother and Baba's her dad and we are here to love and guide all of them to become decent people in this world. And being obnoxious and rude is NOT acceptable to us. We will call her on it.

The boys all got along amazingly well without her. No issues at all. Proving that they can blend in and not cause us great aggravation, even with the language barrier. Bless my mother too, today she showed up with tons of fruit for them, she must have thought they really would be chewing on the woodwork soon. It was a generous help:) And it won't get wasted, that's for sure.

It took Chloe about 4 months and 19 lbs to slow down her eating and she still eats more than most of us, just healthy stuff and she's very active. She still only weighs 89 pounds. Not large in any culture for her height or age.

And I have to break it to you all, we have 5 teens here, yes FIVE. Mal is 18 and tonight is Prom night. Her last year of high school and she is headed to college in August. She is an honor student and holds down 2 jobs so we don't even see her much, let alone get many pics. Donovan is going to be 16 soon and has had some struggles dealing with Asperger's which affects his social issues greatly as he tries to fit in with his peers as a teen. He also holds a job, he loves $$ and he puts his hand in front of his face every time I try to take a picture of him.

Our older guys are 25, 24 and 21. Mr. 21 came over the other day covered and I mean COVERED in hives, wanting me to fix that. Since I'm a nurse? Uh, yeah, but that still required an ER visit, his 3rd in 3 days. I was in Ch*na so he didn't know what to do. Apparently he caught some virus and his body reacted this way. It's got to run it's course before he wil get better, they slammed him with everything they can give him. Kind of scary to think he is randomly swelling in the throat a little MORE, and then it lessens and they have given him everything they can? Did I say these guys still needed us often, if not I should have??

Then we have Chase who is 15, the twins who are 13, Chloe and Chance, Camden is 9, and Miss Kat is now 6. We have had 7 kiddos here pretty much steady for years, either with fostering or now our own. So we are used to many children and ones with huge needs from special needs fostering. Children are very special to us, their present needs and their future needs. They are our future, not just OURS, but everyone's.

If no one cares about the children then what happens when these children all go out in the world and they care about nothing then where does our world GO?? We have followed God to these children, we call on Him to keep us strong in raising them. He hasn't left us just because the boys are home and safe. It's the next phase of His journey for our family.

We went to the local park where the kids all come to take pictures with their prom dates. Mal's guy is in basic training so she went with her friend. Nice that they can do that and not miss out on the prom. Isn't she pretty with her friends? She's in the pink and black dress at the end of the "line up."

We had a picnic with our church friends at the park and the kids had a ball. They played and it rained and they got wet and they played some more and got a little wetter! They played volleyball, a card game, played on the teeter totter and swings. Chase was such a joy to watch, this child playing as hard as can be, having a blast just being a kid. Just what we want him to be.

He was all worried he got dirty and wet, I told him it was "okay" and that I could put him in the dryer when we got home- he said "okay!" Too funny these guys are. He learned how to play a card game and he was going at it, he picks things up so fast. Cam wasn't in the pics as he was busy playing, they all did fine playing and even though Chance didn't want to share the swing he did:) Chase was also making fun of mama, I said "gentle, gentle" and he was teeter tottering and saying "gentle, gentle" every time the other person went down, copying me to a T. I love that he is comfortable with me and can tease and play like that. Like I said, there's plenty of child left in him.

Cam won 4 first place ribbons in his track meet this morning, out of 4 competitions he entered. He's a fast one. I told him we were proud of him and he said "I know." Oh, okay then.

Glad to say it was a better day after all:)


Holly said...

SO GLAD!!! : )

Kristy said...

Congratulations!! You just won mother of the year! However, you have to pack up the entire family and come to Alabama to receive your award! LOL! You know I think you are the greatest:) Thanks, for just being you:)