Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another day, another meal/s

Yep, they are eating their way to the woodwork. Chase cooks. Yesterday he made green peppers in oil, but put some spice on it he didn't like so he didn't want to eat that. Today he peeled then sliced thin potatoes and they are in a pot of water and he told me 2. 2 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days- I don't know. It's an adventure.

I got to speak with Drew and Jaxon's mom and we were comparing kids. And their behaviors. Some very same behaviors, the washing of the faces with tons of water left over on the sink twice a day. The grooming worse than girls, the mismatched clothes. It just makes you feel better to know someone else is in your shoes today, even if we have done this before.
We are going to have our kiddos Skype later today as well. It also greatly helps THEM to know someone is walking in their shoes today, dealing with new parents, lack of language, new siblings. I highly recommend this when bringing home an older child.

I'm off to drag my son Chase out of the bathroom, Chance used the other half of the hairspray can today to groom his short hair into a small side part, it would barely go as it's so short. We're off for a walk, I guess to spare the food cupboard an hour and work them up an appetite. Ha ha. As if they need one.

Chloe the bear slept from 5 pm last night till 5:30 am today. Let's hope she is caught up after that sleeping marathon. The girl will never make it as a world traveler:) Her brothers made it a bit later, about 7 then they were out too.
It's odd to have 7 kids in the house and it be so QUIET, although I am sure I will regret writing that.
Only 14 days of school left then the fun begins.


Holly said...

Such is so good that they have each other while they get used to their new home. And so good for you that you have other parents you can talk to! Praying during this time. I would guess their tummies will finally be fuller someday and not need quite so much!

Patty said...

I have to admit.......the food thing scares me a bit!! All my kids are fairly light eaters and I'm afraid when we bring our son home he may eat as much as all five of them put together!!
Keep the updates coming!!

Amy in Arizona said...

I think I am loving your updates from home even more than the ones from China!! I wonder if they have always eaten this much or if they are just happy to try new things?? Our 3-year-old was also an EM when she came home at 13 months. She is also on the 95th percentile for her height and 90th for weight. She would eat EVERYTHING we put in front of her. After about 18 months she slowed down. She still eats a lot, but doesn't clear her plate like she used to and now actually has things she doesn't like. Hopefully your boys will slow down before they send you to the Poor House!!!

supergrrl7 said...

Maybe he meant tu for tudou =potato?