Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who's the cutest

I'm so sorry to all you parents out there who think you have the cutest children. Miss Kitty did some posing this am before school and I have to say, the girl is wayyyy too cute. I can't figure out what it is, but I am sure it has something to do with that sweet and kind personality of hers. It just shines out from within her.

She was the beginning of our adoptive and fostering journey, we decided to foster due to her being in foster care and being so loved. We knew we had love to share as well and we have been so blessed by both and hugely blessed to be her momma and Baba.

Good news on the dryer~~
Service call $45
Parts $55
Tax $5
15 minutes to repair
Our undies no longer in the yard- PRICELESS

I'm sure our neighbors are agreeing. It was a thermal thingy ma- jig, something. All I know is for 105 bucks my dryer works like new. AHHH, huge sigh of relief.

I should have known it would be fine, that Miss Kitty again, she stood in the kitchen this morning and folded her hands and prayed our dryer could be fixed for "just a widdle bit of money". Who wouldn't answer that?

I was seriously concerned since I woke up to a massive clap of thunder and all I could think of was, oh no, our undies are in the yard! Never good for your brain to go there first thing in the morning, huh? They did get soaked but it soon cleared up and it ended up being very warm and sunny. Kat declared Jesus must have needed just a short shower this morning to get clean:) See how funny she is?

No adoption news, just hanging out waiting on Article 5. No idea what Article 5 even IS, but waiting for it. I could be waiting for Underwear 12, Jokes 101, Signals from aliens, moon beams, who knows, but wait I do and I am learning to do WELL. I figure God has a plan and He knows when we are supposed to go for whatever reason. And at least we know it's not for the surprise of another sibling, yeah, we asked Chloe to make sure this is it:) Hey, ya never know.

The kids are still passing around a cold, sharing germs like no body's business. Chloe has it now, as does Baba, they better get well, we have a big trip to make soon!


Sue said...

Hi there, just read about someone else saying they are waiting for article 5 and that it takes two weeks now.
Miss Kat is a cutie

Holly said...

You are right...she is really CUTE! Praise the Lord about your dryer! God cares about our undies. : )

Nancy said...

I had to laugh when I read about the dryer part that was broken - you called it a thermal thingy and I thought you were talking about your underwear you hung outside. Thermal undies in April? REally?!

Been following your blog since before you brought Chloe home, and am now hooked waiting for Chance and Chase.

Best wishes!

Lisa said...

Hi there! I've been following your blog for quite a while, maybe I've commented before... Anyway, we are also waiting on Article 5 for our 12-year-old daughter. Maybe we'll see you at the White Swan!

I hope we BOTH have Article 5 soon soon soon!