Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Testing out the Net book we are taking on the trip to blog. Not happy that the SD card reads on it but not the memory stick from my camera. Now don't panic, I can take pics on the camera using an SD card and post, I will not be picture less in China for you all. I know better than to do that.

We got our "In Chi*na fees paid today. I know you prayed and we thank you because the total came in just low enough to offset the higher flight costs:) Thank God. Now we are set. We have our travel call on Friday, our group is 3 families including us.
We leave out of Pittsburgh early a.m. of May 2, we arrive in Beijing early afternoon May 3, we then fly on to Zhengzhou where we eat supper, then crash in our room. May 4 we change out money then in the afternoon we meet the boys! After that, who cares, we'll have the boys!!
It will be Monday in the middle of the night here, but I will post as soon as I can so hopefully by Monday early morning you all will see the kids together for the first time:) I have no pictures of the 3 kiddos together so this will be very special to us.
Chloe funny of the day?? She asked "how do eyes make boogers?" I didn't get to answer beyond the laughter- what a terrible teacher I am:)
5 days to go, 7 till we have the boys!!