Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Sunday

It's a rainy quiet Sunday, great day for a nap. A NAP--- who am I kidding? I've got a million and one things to do! Still packing... will that ever be done? I guess so or we leave sans clothes- that would just be scary:)

Chloe has been flying high on her joy, she brought up some things I never knew about when I got her. Firstly, did you know I "look funny?" Yeah, I did but apparently the pictures didn't do me justice 'cause she was scared of me. Although she did want to know "why I smelled good?" And we laughed when she said "you no wear clothes 3 weeks then wash?" Uh no. Never tried that, sorry? Yikes. I can't believe she so easily took off what she came in and changed every day for me, no sass. Now she wears something an HOUR and she insists it needs washed. You know, 'cause I don't have ENOUGH laundry to do.

What else, well, I have a bridge to my nose, I know that makes you all want to run screaming, right? And I have different hair. She calls it orange. She points out my fave soda label is RED, my hair is ORANGE.

I asked her what the boys were going to do when they see her, hugs, kisses and she said "huh, NO" like she was grossed out. Then she said they would have this- and she pulled her lips as far as she could get them in a HUGE smile. Okay. So I told her me and Baba better be getting HUGE hugs and kisses and the works, I want HUGS. Pictures and hugs and kisses and love.

I haven't been sleeping well, I was tossing and turning last night and had this concern I could not recall what the word for "son" is. Well, I made sure I recalled it right (I did) with Chloe this morning. "Errr-zahhh." Okay I got it. Daughter "new- r" I learned for her, son for them.

What else has she taught her language impaired mother? Cucumber. One of her fave foods and I can say it in Chinese. I know this will be terribly helpful in my lifetime- yeah right. I can say apple, it's close to cucumber:) I have my standards- hello, how are you, goodbye, thank you, no, yes. Matter of fact when she was on the phone she kept saying "yeah" and I said "suh, suh"(yes, yes) and she finally she "they know what "yeah" means~ I guess to shut me up:)

Chloe is bouncing off the walls, she is beyond excited and keeps saying she wished this week would go by "so fast" and our trip go "very, very slow." I think she realizes it will be the other way around and our time there will go by very fast. We tried to use up some of her energy tomorrow, we cleaned bedroom and took down the extra beds from the foster girls. She was talking the WHOLE DAY and when I sat down with her leaning against my chair, I heard, well, NOTHING. I said to dad, she's asleep isn't she? He confirmed what I knew, she was zonked.

I had to laugh when we shared in Wednesday children's church that we were going to get the boys, one of the kiddos asked "who are you taking back?" I said Chloe thinking they meant just traveling with us but no, they meant a trade in? Uh, no one going back, just more coming. I guess they thought we were tired of someone and trading them in? Man, kids are so funny.

Just 7 days to take off and 9 days till we have the boys. We are so ready to have these guys home and see what their personalities are like. If they are anything like Chloe I may just have to write that book my friend keeps telling me to write about my kids. She's sure it would be a bestseller, as they are such goofs.

We'll see.

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