Friday, April 23, 2010

My goof

Occasionally I will admit to goofing. This would be one of those times. I thought we traveled May 2, get to Beijing and then move on to Zhengzhou on the 4th to get the boys on Wednesday, the 5th. So when the agency said to book tickets into Zhengzhou directly, no stay in Beijing, we were like, "hey wait a minute." I asked why do we need to be in Zhengzhou May 4? Can we see a bit of Beijing then go on to Zhengzhou?"

The answer. "No, you get the boys on May 4th, you HAVE to go directly to Zhengzhou on the 3rd." OH! Well then. Goodness. My error. Oh wait, that means we have only 9 days till travel and 11 days till we get the boys!! AHHHHH! Who needs The Great Wall, we're getting sons a day sooner than we thought! YIPPPEEEEE!

We'll just forgive my error and plan to go back "someday" with all our kids for a Homeland Tour which will be much more fun to include everyone to see that Great Wall. It will become more important to all the children including Kat in a few years and we will have time to recoup some funds. Did I mention our tickets for just international flight are just shy of $7,000? Yeah, made me half sick BUT funds were there to cover it. Thank you again to all you people who donated to help us bring the boys home!

We are still waiting on the "In China fees totals" so keep praying!

Chloe and Cam started track this week. We also have another big change happening, it was determined the foster girls really need one on one attention and they have a home capable of that for them, so they were moved today. It will be hard for Kat, she is very attached to them but I am glad they will finish out in the same school and they will see Kat each day in school. So it will be less of a split for all three of the girls. The girls know they can call us and see us if they wish to, we never stop loving them no matter where they move on to. One of the hardest parts of our fostering is watching them go, but we always look at having them as a blessing for whatever time we get them for. They are 2 precious children of God. We are glad to have been a part of their lives.

I'm still not packed yet and Chloe has packed everything she owns. For a 12 days trip! She said to me last night "what I wear tomorrow?" And when I said "why, what do you mean?" She told me she had packed it all away to go. Goodness. So I have to pack my stuff and unpack some of hers. That girl!
I think I have the children staying at home covered, we have small "prizes" for when we are gone, Kitty is very worried about being here, so I made a special deal with her. We are going to have one of her nails painted for each day we are gone, starting with the toes. So before we get all her nails painted, we will be HOME. Just something she can carry with her every day.

Also planning on having a jar of kisses (chocolate kind) for her to see 2 kisses for each day from mom and dad and when jar is empty, we'll be home. Of course we are doing the standard calendar, that shows her where we are and when, as well as the paper chain she can rip a chain off of each day. And Skype. And blogging. And calling.

I also have backup called and lined up, that would be the big brothers, they are on stand-by if a certain day is hard for her they will come and take her for a little break and some fun. As well as Cam, but he is certain he does not wish to go so it isn't as hard on him, Kat wants to go but understands she can't this time.

Chloe was able to call and here's the pictures of her finding out the boys KNOW we are coming and getting them in just 11 days (10 days in their time:) Can you all believe it is really happening? Isn't HER joy all over her face??

For Lynn- I remember you-I didn't remember saying to you "you don't leave family behind." I was still in shock from learning about the boys. But it's what God knew would be in my heart, they are her brothers, you don't leave them behind. How awesome- HE knew and HE took care of the rest and here we are- 11 days till Chloe has her brothers forever!


Annie said...

I just cannot wait to see them together again! You can definitley see the JOY all over her sweet face!!!

Holly said...

Oh, I am just so excited for you all!!! To think that God had all of this planned. So amazing and awesome!! This is just one of the very best things I've ever known about. : ) Praying for you all and the journey ahead!

Kelly said...

Through Him all things are possible. God bless your family, and thank you so much for sharing your older child adoption story.

mum22 said...

Hi Vicki & Family,
I don't post a comment but read your blog everyday to catch up on all your news. So glad to see this day has finally come and you have that TA in your hands and soon another 2 sons and brothers for your family.
So many crossroads you have had to overcome to get to this stage and I truly believe a very special family was needed for this long and sometimes fustrating journey to re-unite the boys with their sister and a family and the powers that be certainly found a very special one in yourselves.
Whilst you are so close to neally being at the end of that journey, a new one is about to begin with adding another two children to your family. Vicki don't lose your wonderful sense of humour as I'm sure this can get you thru anything that lays ahead.
Julie and Family (Australia)