Thursday, April 29, 2010

List of do's and done's

laundry ( that's a constant)
trim Cam and dad's hair
early check in of flights
gas up van
charge all the toys we use (see next line)
pack computer, cameras, game systems for the kids
travel call tomorrow

get groceries
Packed- 3 bags under 44 lbs, I am SO proud- packed for 5 PEOPLE!! (Am I good or what?)
paperwork together and ready
funds out of bank in nice $100 bills
found money belts
snacks bought
bought and hid surprises for Cam and Kat for staying home
credit card aware we are going on trip, may need to use
my hair trimmed- just trimmed, no perm-at-the-last minute ever again
schedule of household for Grandma printed
underwear packed for whole trip- no Chinese ladies laughing at my drawers this time
set up Skype for net book

I like the DONE is bigger than the Do's:) We are almost there. Everyone keeps asking if I am nervous. Not yet. I mean it's a 17 hour trip, how exciting is that. In the middle aisle on the big plane ride, split up is all we could get, I'm not feeling like it's gonna be FUN getting there. So I fully expect to feel excited after we are there and get up Tuesday morn knowing that's the day, we get our sons in the afternoon.

Then I'll be a nervous wreak. I know it. I just can't even picture what the reunion is going to be like, it's been such a long journey that we weren't even sure we would be able to bring home both boys for some time. So I'm having trouble picturing it. I'm pretty sure Chloe is going to launch herself at them and be like glue to them. Of course! I hope we get to actually touch them:) Say "hi it's us, that crazy family that did come back for ya." That we are thrilled to be back and making them our sons. I'll probably have to cry, more than once.

How will they feel? Well, I am hoping they feel just as wanted as she did. I am hoping they realize we didn't just come for them because she loves them and wants them, that we are honored to be their parents as well. We are happy to call them our sons and want to know all there is to know about them. That they can trust us, we are there for them no matter what.

I've loved them from afar for over a year, felt like their momma already, I guess because they were Chloe's bro's and I knew they didn't have a momma, but now we will be able to actually parent them. It's an awesome, God provided miracle. Soon this picture will be the REAL DEAL..... just 5 days from NOW!!


Suzanne said...

You are such an incredible mama. I hope I am half the mama you are!!! Can't wait to follow along, will keep your precious family in my prayers!

Dawn said...

I agree you are a great mamma and may you have smooth travels and a quick flight and two boys who are excited to see their new family.

Amy in Arizona said...

I am so excited for you!! I have been checking your blog several times a day!! Those boys are just going to love their new family, I just know it!! I'm sure Chloe will definitely help with that adjustment!! I am amazed at all that you already have on your done list! Quite the accomplishment!! Have a wonderful trip!!

Donna said...

I'm tingling with excitement for all of you! The boys are old enough to understand what's going on but still they're "kids" and very understandably frightened. But how much easier it must be to do this together! And Chloe will be a wonderful liaison between their two worlds!

If, for some reason, you find that you can't post to your blog while you're in China please email someone who can post for you. I suspect you have someone in mind for this but if you don't, I'll happily help if I can.



Sue said...

Great job..and you will be a super mamma, What a renioun it will be for Chloe and you

Truly Blessed said...

I seriously have chills after reading this and cannot imagine what is going on in the minds of Chase and Chance right now (but I love the photo of Chloe with her brothers!). I just can't wait to see the reunion and the moment when the boys realize that they're part of a family FOREVER!

recoveryagent2 said...

LOL, I took all my old underwear and threw it away during our trip. Gave me more room for shopping and nobody had to wash my underwear either..great minds.....(actually did it for most of my clothes)
Praying for a blessed gotcha and a smooth trip. I can't wait to meet the family...the WHOLE family....wonder how much sleep you're gonna get the night after gotcha???? Three kiddos with lots of catching up to Chinese...totally psyched...LOL LOL
Call "ear plugs R us"....

Lori Lynn said...

Your's is the most amazing story ever! I cannot wait to see it all play out, the ups and the downs. This must be super scary challenging, but I can see from your past, you are the person best prepared for this adventure. Give the boys an extra hug for all the fans out here wishing them the best!

Sherri said...

Have a great trip, Vickie! I will be praying for you all!

Cinda said...

I know you only from your blog. I am so happy you are finally traveling to bring your sons home. Their story has really touched me. Have a safe trip, we will keep you in our prayers.