Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Hunt is on

The Egg hunt that is. 2 of them, one at church after the program practice and then after lunch at a community hunt. I dressed the girls in different colored polo dresses, a great idea since I was able to keep track of them really well:) See what I mean?

They looked adorable but I forgot to tell them to let their bags for egg hunting out of the pictures....sigh.

The girls had a blast, they got enough to make all happy and although Cam wasn't feeling good, and didn't get to go. Chloe, Hannah, Fox and even the little girls all contributed to a bag for Cam:) Wasn't that nice of them?

We got another step done, the letter from NVC that our agency has to send on to the Consulate in Guangzhou then they issue what is called "Article 5" which goes to the adoption center and then they issue TA. YEAH... another one bite the dust....

Yesterday we colored eggs, some bright woman (me) had the idea that TIE DYE eggs looked really cool on the package and it would be fun to try them.

Note to self- take time to READ instructions next time.

Let's just say tie dye eggs = MESS. You drop color dye drops into the bag with egg and smush egg all around, meanwhile bag leaks, eggs slip, hands are dyed blue, pink, etc. Chloe eventually just ditched the bags altogether. Luckily Chloe's hands will match her dress tomorrow for church:(

Chloe got so creative she had to get out the paint brushes and she painted MOM on an egg for me. I feel the love, I feel it. Aren't they pretty eggs?
Cam's barely lasted to get colored, he started eating his right away! But he doesn't like the yolk and somehow they ended up bring used as balls.... and being thrown toward Chloe??? Amazing their creativity, huh?

Chloe has decided the Easter bunny is not "wheel" (real that is) and she is not very excited about the basket hunting of tomorrow.

I am glad in a way, we are going to church and then basket hunting since we really want the focus of Easter to be on what our Lord did for us, not about a silly bunny. I overheard Chloe telling Kat yesterday, "Jesus, he died, Christmas his birthday, this not his birthday, but when he died, then Sunday he come back but that not his birthday either." From a child who came to us a year ago telling us she came from "monkeys."

WOW-- thank you Lord, for the precious gift of this child and her realizing there is so much more to us than "monkeys." THANK YOU. She's such a blessing.

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Motherbird said...

Just amazing about Chloe. Love to hear your stories and especially the "quotes" from her. Priceless!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Now time to get ready for church!