Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

After hanging on a cross to die for MY sins, Jesus rose from the dead and lives forever more. It doesn't get any more amazing than that. Really!

We were up early, the girls all wanted curls for the Easter program, so they had them. Mom on the other hand was still wet headed but clean. Dad even came up and said "why are you up at 6:45 am?" Curling hair dad, duh.....

The girls did really well in the program, Kat had a reading part and she was right in front. She smiled the whole time:) Every one looked so sharp in their Easter duds.

My mom came in for lunch as well as all the boys except Brandon. They don't miss many holiday meals cooked by mom:)

Chloe was begging to go to Hannah's since they have no school tomorrow and we are too boring for her. So off she went, giving me a much needed break from her 5 million questions per day.
Not much else going on, my dryer decided to go out on me today, my thoughts went like this~~
Oh no, we can't afford this!
Can I live without this? with 9 people in the house? Am I nuts?
I can't live without a dryer!
So tomorrow the repairman will be called to see if there is any hope of helping my only 2 year old dryer- I guess per usage it would really be about 10 years old.
I think it's dead and we will be looking for a new one. Meanwhile let's all pray the weather stays nice and I can hang out my 4 loads a day that I can rotate and get dry on a nice day. That will keep me hopping till we learn the dryer's fate.
Happy Easter to all, what a special gift we have all been given:) Salvation. Priceless.


Chad and Kristy said...

So, so adorable! I love the curls!

Holly said...

Happy Easter, Vicki! A special one with Chloe this year. Next year, two more boys! Their dresses are so cute. I'll bet they loved them. Praying for you guys!