Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chloe smarts

I can't understand how anyone wouldn't want a "Chloe" in their life. I mean, she's a riot. As I was hanging clothes out after the dryer fix she said " I thought dryer fixed, why you hang clothes outside?" I said "oh, girl, just 'cause it's fixed doesn't mean we don't use the nice day to dry clothes." So she said "oh, yeah, dryer use money, you so smart." Well, just stroke my ego why don't ya? Since you did call me "old and uneducated" just last week. Yeah, I didn't forget that.

She proceeded to do something later and I said "don't get smart with your mother." And didn't think anymore of it. Well.... she must have pondered on this a while, then she said (out of the blue to me) "why you not want you kid be smart?" As I recalled where that came from I started laughing. Then I got the "why you joke- ahh me?"

We've been working on her manners, yeah, her bossy self came with little understanding of manners and she has hung onto this over the past year. So we are increasing the reminders for her to get this and not be a "smart" aka rude kid. BTW, she does understand "rude".

Cam has been worried if the brothers will like him. He is very excited and eager for them to come, but he was with Chloe as well and although they are best of buddies now, Chloe didn't really LIKE Cam at first. He wanted to hug and kiss her and she was not so thrilled with that idea and ended up hitting him more than once.

Now I am hoping since he is looking forward to playing ball more than hugging with the brothers that we will be fine. It will be a big adjustment for all I am sure but it will be nice that we have the summer months to get everyone settled in.

Chloe 's big concern last night was the seating in the van. We have had a few people with Mega- families such as our ask how we do it. Well, we travel in 2 vehicles when we all go. Mostly we take turns with the little ones going to the store and such. Chloe does NOT like that the little ones have car seats and get the middle captain chairs in the van.

So when she brought up the boys and "where they sit" her next question, before I even could say "the roof" (Hahah) was "who sit in front, oldest or tallest?" I know she is thinking between her and Kat they will be the "shortest" of the bunch forever, since Chase is already taller than me and even Cam, at 9 is not far from the top of my head:(

My reply? Mom standard. We worry about that when they are HERE. Not here yet, not a problem of today. Chloe does not like this answer but must accept it. She knows that's all she's getting:)

Only adoption news is not about us, but for Jaxon and Drew, as you may have noticed the Chip In is GONE, this would be due to a grant that came in for their family and they now have what they need to get their boys home as well. Isn't God amazing?? He always provides, don't ever forget that. It's awesome to trust in Him and watch Him take care of it. Sure glad He's got my back covered, how about it??


Lori Lynn said...

Chloe is looking so beautiful these days!! Thanks for the updates. My Chloe from Qinzhou is a clown too!

Chad and Kristy said...

Woooohoooo for Jaxson and Drew:)

Sue said...

Some of the questions that Chloe asking, my girls are asking about Erin and where her place will be and so forth. Congrats to Jaxson and Drew, I am hoping we will be as fortunate, but know that God will provide one way or another and I have to stay focus on that.