Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Step Done

Well, we accomplished another step, now our approval for the visas has gone to the National Visa Center (NVC) and they have e-mailed that approval to the Consulate in GuangZhou. They will in turn give us what is called "Article 5" and then the adoption center issues Travel Approval.

Our agency works with the 2 next steps to get us expedited. I just sit back and push them from my trusty computer when they e-mail and say they aren't "SURE" we can go as soon as April 23. And saying it, they are. As a matter of fact, they are saying "no way" to my April 23rd.

Should have known I would jinx it by even stating the day. They are saying now MAY 7 th to avoid the holiday. I was saying "what holiday?" Well, Labor "DAY" which means DAYS. Not ours, theirs.

I'm in labor all right and they should know I don't handle pain well... I've been "birthing" them for a whole year. I'm getting cranky and my ankles are swollen. I'm well done, on the way to being burned, let's just end the "pregnancy" already.

So I am trying to see if we can work around that "holiday" and go sooner than May 7 because ticket prices jump at the beginning of May and stay at $500-700 per PERSON higher. That's enough to make me just sick. For a few days difference. Some one's getting rich and it ain't US. Bummer. Ha ha ha ha.

God's timing. God's timing. Our chant of the year. I can only imagine how had this wait has been for the boys. My heart aches for our sons. We know they were strong to watch their sister go, never knowing if they would see her again , so we know they can endure this.

Seems to me I should just take this cute, adorable little bugger Miss Kat and have her "talk" to some people, she'd surely get us moving along as she is full of honey and no one can resist her. Yeah, mom I know the vinegar from me isn't working:(

I'm off to enjoy my children, they had a ball with April Fool's Day, Chloe said "Hannah say she go to France, when I go to Ch*na and she said "why, why you no go to Ch*na wif me" Hannah said "April Fools." It's supposed to be in the 70's and sunny all weekend, wow, it's going to be a gorgeous Easter, not something we see often. Counting the blessings:)

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