Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who broke my back?

What is it that they say about your health? That you don't miss good health till you don't have it? OUCH.

I woke up yesterday morn and could hardly get out of bed. I racked my brain, did I over exert myself doing something? (Stop laughing MOM) I decided that rotten little troll that lives in our house, you know the one that steals socks from the washer before they can make it to the dryer, the one who does things that no one else did, that he must have stabbed me. It hurt that bad. Lower back, couldn't sit, couldn't hardly stand or walk.

Thankfully today it feels better, I must have just slept wrong. Glad it's temporary. Don't know how I could handle constant pain like that. Gives me a new appreciation for people in physical pain, that's for sure. I rarely have back pain.

My kids have been really B-A-D lately. I don't know what has gotten in to them. The oldest one said "They aren't my heathens" when I asked him to sit with our angel children for me. Then I tried the old "you owe me, I gave birth to YOU." And he said "that was your first mistake". OHHH, the stabbing to my heart these kids give me. MOM- go right ahead and call HIM about this. He should KNOW better.

Then Em finally broke down and told me she cries all the time because she was hit (abused) by someone and wasn't allowed to cry. The girl cries, big, loud wailing crying over next to NOTHING, driving us all nuts. BUT- her even being able to tell us this is HUGE for her. Let's hope we can now head forward as I reassured her- she will NEVER be abused here. EVER.

I have always said I will not sugar coat issues with Chloe's adjustment, it's not fair to others wanting to know the whole scoop to be prepared if they are considering/bringing home an older child. SO here's the dirty on her. Sunday she started, whining, badgering about little things. Why could she not have a computer of her own, a cell phone, she made some comment a coat that got broken (not hers) that it was $50 and her clothes probably didn't cost more than $10, any of them. She was on a ROLL. AN ugly roll. She seems to do this when she has decided she is bored, she was also jealous that the tonsils girls had first dibs on the family room TV.

So instead of finding something else to do, she decided she would pick at me. WRONG ANSWER. She did it till I blew. I told her I did not want to hear another thing, that she was behaving just awful. That she should be thankful for all she DOES have, not going on and on about what she doesn't have. I told her she had to apologize and she did, the next day, just a little stubborn, mind you.

After she apologized I sat her down and told her, I would give her the shirt off my back, I would DIE for her. But along with that love for her and her being my daughter I needed her to show me the RESPECT I deserve and God expects us to have for one another. I told her she will not be doing that to me again and that I do not keep a tally of what I buy for so and so and make sure it's all equal, I make sure everyone has what they NEED. And we all do and we are thankful for that.

She didn't have much to say for herself but her behavior has been much better. She is watching her tone with the little ones too. I talked to her about her jealousy of them, there is no need for that. Every one has rights to do things based on their age and ability, they are up to momma and Baba and that's life. Pretty much a usual teenager issue, I believe, but there it is.

I think she seems happier after I do scold her, it's as if she realizes she is a part of this family, everyone gets scolded by mom so if she got her scolding she is one of us. Just as goofy as the rest of us, I guess.

Jaxon and Drew Update, we are almost to 30% of funds!! Go ahead, get it there, put it on over 30%, hey, I won't complain:) Leave me in the dust---I'm fine with that:)


Sue said...

It is amazing how we do take our "health" for granted until something happens. I am glad to hear you are better. I think sometimes they need to "test" us to make sure we will still love them no matter what.

Dawn said...

I just discovered your blog on the CAF blog. Your sotry is heartwarming adn wonderful! We brought home our son from Vietnam in May.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Glad your back is feeling better. And thanks for keeping it real!!!