Thursday, March 4, 2010

Surgery over

Surgery done. Went well. Was a bit worried to do both with getting them both back from recovery, but by the time Em came back, Pip had been back and was settled. Pip is the vocal one and she was NOT a happy camper afterwards, she was trying to get her fingers in her mouth to "get that out, (the swelling) but once we convinced her to drink, she was like a wild woman. She had 2 ice creams, 4 juices, 2 Popsicles, 2 puddings and was still going strong. Didn't need the "salty" hint YET, but just love the things people have helped us out with from comments- you guys are the BEST!!

Em on the other hand is so quiet. She started out with her "goofy juice" 30 minutes after Pip got hers and Pip was telling me I had 4 eyes:) But Em went zombie- like on me and spiked a temp. Scary. Afterwards and up until now, 24 hours later, she has not even admitted she had ANY pain. I have been medicating her anyway. I know it hurts and hurts bad.

What bothers me about this is that Em is older and has been traumatized. She tends to react almost like an orphaned child when she encounters pain or problems. She shuts down. She doesn't respond and will not admit she is hurt. It makes me sad to see this, but also glad she is here and will have a secure and safe place to try to heal her in. It breaks my heart what some people do to precious children they are given, and it's not a cultural choice, or inability to get help. It was there, it just wasn't taken and these children suffered for it. Grrrr.......

Okay, off my bandwagon now. Kat is home sick. Just to add to the fun. She says she vomited this am, I think it was the cold she has and the coughing, add in some jealousy of the ice cream, pudding, and jello helpings for Em and Pip and she is home:(

I'm really hoping to hear from immigration this week, I know these next steps go boom, boom, boom and then we will have TA and be going, but the little steps from LOA to TA seem, well, DUMB. I'm all for no child trafficking and this is supposed to stop that? I can''t see how all these steps make someone say "oh, okay, that's another step, oh no, can't do it, just gonna stop trafficking RIGHT NOW."

We are not trafficking the boys and want them HOME. With their sis. Jumping hoops, and we'll do it, 'cause we have to.

As sister in her impatient way asked last night if I would buy her ear spoons when we go (see picture for the explanation of that) and when I said "yes" she declared, "yeah but gonna be 10 MONTHS" then in her best teen drama acting said, "and I haven't cleaned my ears in 10 years!" Baba told her nicely there were q-tips in the bathroom and they worked quite well for that for Americans.

Nope, gotta have her ear spoon. We were given this by our college students and had NO CLUE what they were. When Chloe mentioned this I got them out and said "is that what this is?" Yep, an ear spoon. I think the other piece is a nail cleaner?? Don't know and neither did she, I wasn't giving that to her since it had the sharp piece and I could just see her "fixing" her ear drum with that point- no thanks, we just did some surgeries- don't need that!

Money update- we are $2480 away from 100% of fee to bring our boys home. It will happen. We trust completely.

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Kelly said...

Two of our daughters have had major surgery, and a third one fairly minor. The kid who went through heart surgery regressed pretty severely, and a doctor told me that children sometimes react to surgery as a child would to abusive behavior. It was very hard to watch my baby curl up in a ball for about four months, so I just sat on the couch and held her constantly. Love those little girls up with lots of hugs and stories. Thanks for posting about your adoption - I think you are absolutely doing whats best for those siblings.