Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Potty Mouth

I'm so ashamed of my daughter. She is so sweet, so cute, yet what came out of Miss Kitty's mouth as she sat with dad eating breakfast?

"Holy SH-- we have a lot of bread." As she looked at the full bread box. He asked her "what did you say?" and she knew enough not to repeat it:(

What did we do? Well, she was told if she ever said that again she was getting her mouth washed out with soap. Just the suggestion made her look a little green around the gills, so I think it did the trick.

Now where did she get that? WELL........I've heard many a story from school about a young man named "Nick" this year and none of them have been in a good context.
MOM- it was NOT me, I still recall the taste of soap that you DID put in my mouth.

Over the years I have often entertained maintaining my children's innocence by Home Schooling and then I come back to my reality, I am not able to pull that off. A good mother knows her limitations and admits them, I can not home school. I am jealous of all the wonderful homeschooling mommas out there, my hat is off to you.

But then when I hear my little ones who just started off in the hard cruel and dirty world come home with a potty mouth I feel so inadequate for not homeschooling. Our first son, now 24 years old, came home from kindergarten and wanted to know at bath time what "balls" were. That was my first dose of kindergarten teachings. I wanted to cry as I tried hard not to laugh. Because it's funny but it's really not.

My expertise must be nursing sick children since I took a leave of my senses and signed up Pip and Em to have their tonsils out tomorrow together, as in both of them. This should be interesting. Hopefully all will go well and they will have some relief of the constant illnesses they have had. We are to arrive at 6:45 AM- me and 2 kids, I think they are going to go in their jammies, have I mentioned I'm not really an early morning person either? Ughhh, 6:45am!!
Fund update-- it always cracks me up when I post "oh it's 4 percent" and before I know it, it's double that!! Yep, 8% and growing. Thank you AGAIN- can't stop saying it, because we mean it!! I can just see God up above amused at me because I see that percent go up and every time I shake my head in amazement at His warriors at work, little by little getting it covered for our boys to come.
BTW, I saw my crocus flowers are sprouted up at least an inch today- I declare spring is HERE!! Ha ha ha Mr. Phil the Groundhog:)


mom2joy said...

My daughter had her tonsils out at 3 1/2. We had a terrific ENT surgeon, but I also think that the best hint came from my cousin whose 3 year old had had his out and would not drink a thing. Then he wanted some chips. She gave them to him after which he was happy to drink fluids. So, I promised my daughter potato chips (not hard corn chips) when we got home. She loves salty things. I kept my promise and she ate 6-7 chips with me saying "chew them well". Then she drank a glass of water. I only allowed the thin chips at first, but it was really so successful. I share my experience just because about a year ago I didn't say anything at first to a mom with a little girl from China, who has some autism, who was taking the girl in for a tonsillectomy. Four days later she posted so bummed. The child would not eat and had drank very, very little. I replied with the story of my experience. They literally left and went out to get some McD fries. The kid ate the whole bag and immediately needed a drink. That night she turned the corner. I believe that salty food is somehow healing and it makes for thirst.
I wish you the best. I think doing it with both kids at once is SMART!

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Praying for your two sweeties! You will have your hands FULL! Tonsil stuff is no fun. Our DD is having her palate extended on Thursday (yikes) Oh and she just said on Monday "WHAT THE H*LL!" I nearly died! SHe has only been home for 9 months and does not go to school yet. She says she heard Baba, but I really have never heard him say that...who knows??? LOL!

trina said...

I love reading your blog...and laughing my head off.
Hey, if I can homeschool, anybody can. God sometimes calls us to stuff that makes no sense...and when he does, he is with us every step in the process. As soon as I say 'never' calls me to it. :) It's funny, about this time every year, I'm calling the local school to see how to enroll them.

Elissa said...

Ah, the conundrum of being in the world but not of it... Is it bad that I laughed out loud when I read it though? Reminds me of the time my little brother told our pastor as he left our house after dinner one night, "Good night sh** head!"

Remember-- if every Christian family homeschooled then there wouldn't be any salt in public schools!

Donna said...

My 5 year old couldn't get her seatbelt fastened so she screasmed "sh!t". My husband and I just turned and stared at one another then I started to crack up. Of course, I couldn't let the little sailor in the backseat see me laughing so I tried my best to hold it in. Tears were streaming down my face! Daddy scolded her and told her that she made mommy cry!

I don't curse very often but when I do, THAT is my word of choice. Later that day, I had a little chat with her about not saying that word even though grownups sometimes say it. So far, so good!


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