Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Nice Lie?

It seems funny to me when you talk to someone and you know they are just wanting to end the call with you so they tell you something that you KNOW they are fibbing. To get rid of you. One too many questions, phones ringing all around them, they gotta pee, I don't know but I don't want to hear your nice little lies.

Yes, the next step of the adoption fun, National Visa Center (NVC). I call yesterday. I call today. They are clueless telling me 2 different things in 2 days. I guess at this point it's a waiting game and the next 2 steps are ones our agency has the ability to expedite. It will be out of my hands, which is probably really for the best. This process is frying my brain. And I need all of my brain, trust me.

Chloe was so kind to me tonight, I felt the love just overflowing as we ran into someone who said "hi" to me and Miss Nosey said "who's that?" When I said someone I went to school with the girl comes off with "she look younger than you! AND you go to school with someone?" So apparently I look old and am so ancient or terrible that either she thought schools weren't invented yet or I was in jail and missed out on school. One word for her BRAT. She knows what it means too.

I told her I was telling dad she was mean to me and she said "I tell him he no be mad at me." Ohhhh, so that's how it is. Another girl with daddy wrapped right around her finger. Sighhhh.

We signed Chloe and Cam up for track, she loves to be active and on the go so she can just run that energy of hers off. And Cam had to do whatever Chloe was doing. They start April 20 and I said to the coach we WERE going to China, April 23. Okay, I told her it wasn't set in stone, although I wish it WERE. Anyway, it's fine, it's not a big deal and she will be able to pick up in track when we get back.

I'm not sure why but somehow Chloe saw Cam eating a granola bar and said "what that?" He said "granola bar" and she said "Oklahoma?" We looked at her and said "how did you get Oklahoma out of granola bar?" Don't know but that's what she calls them now and sadly, we understand the nut. Does that make us nuttier???


Chad and Kristy said...

LOL, that Chloe is such a character:) TOO FUNNY

Lori said...

That's sooo funny!! Especially the "Oklahoma" bar!! That settles it, I'm calling granola bars that from now on. And I'll think of Chloe each time. Love it!!

Oh and I'm so sorry to hear that you spent your formative years in jail. LOL.

trina said...

She is your daughter for sure. Too funny. Thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed watching her bond with her forever family.