Friday, March 26, 2010

News, News, I said NEWS!!

Whooo hoooo, visa approvals for our sons. Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah!!!! Happy people here in our world. And look, even new pictures of Chase!! I think I see more resemblance to Chloe than I ever have. Isn't he just handsome, our new son Mr. Chase.

We are asking agency to get expedition for the rest of our stuff to get our Travel Approval (TA), asap! We are just a LITTLE anxious here to get to our boys.

Chloe's understanding? Americk say all yes- not Ch*na yet. She knows now that it's a 2 part deal that we have to get approvals from both and she was NOT impressed with the only the first "Americk" approval. Too smart for me, our Chloe.

She keeps saying in her best insulting teen drama queen voice "it gonna take next year to get Chance, Chase." OUCH, break my heart. But I say "no way, it's soon"- to which she rolls her eyes and sighs at me. Just like a daughter.

Just so you know we do not have a set time to fly, but we have a best guess and we are hoping for April 23rd. Might be wrong but there it is, my prediction. And I still haven't packed. Guess I better get on that?

Hubby had the NERVE to ask if I was going to get my hair "cut and styled" for our trip. Is he MEAN or what? I will not, can't make me, if I even suggest it come HIT me, after the burned perm of last year when I lost 8 inches of hair and suffered terrible vanity issues.

Jaxon and Drew update 36% WHOO HOO, it's got to be 100% and we KNOW God is going to provide this somehow! It's getting there.........and soon both our families will be off to bring home our sons, all because we heard a call and faithfully answered, we are being blessed beyond measure. We NEVER could have done any of this without GOD.

Is God calling on you today? Is He just waiting for you to answer to bless YOU with riches money can't begin to measure? He sure you hear Him???


Lori said...


Oh and yep, stay away from the hair salon. We must learn from our mistakes, friend. :) Ok, it wasn't YOUR mistake. But you sure paid the price for someone else's!!

Monica said...

I am so happy! I come here a few times a day to check on news. Today I couldn't bear to see that there was still none so I only scrolled down enough to see the date and know that there was still no news. I just had to come look one last time,...and there it was!! I have never met any of you but care so much, I can't think what all of you are going through!

We have 16-year-old girl/boy twins and were planning on adopting but my dh is 14 years my senior and he was too old, now I am too. lol (How rude!) LOL I am so happy to be able to share in your joy!

BTW, we were going to name our daughter Teresa Marie after Mother Teresa and the Blessed Mother. My daughter assures me that when she is an adult, she is going to China to adopt "Our Teresa" and finally bring her home.

Give them lots of hugs from us! Monica

Mandi said...

Oh I am SO happy to hear your paperwork is finally moving. YEAH!!!!

Oh and what a great picture. He difinitely is one handsome young man. I am still praying we cross paths in China. How much fun would we have with our boys??? Poor Chloe, we may need to take her shopping for a girls day out!

Oh I am getting SO excited.

Karen said...

Congratulations!!! I hope your TA arrives soon.

Kennedy said...

HOw great is that news....thrilled for your family and the boys!!! Finally you guys can get on your way....SOOON!

Karen in Montreal

Annie said...

YAY!!!! So happy for you all!!!

Grandma Shelley said...

WOO HOO!!! This is what I have been praying for, for you! Let me know when we leave!!

Lara said...

YEAH! Jumping up and down. Praying for the TA to come quickly.

Motherbird said...


So happy for you!! Chloe cracks me up - every time you blog about what she talks about it's like I can hear her say it (even though I have never heard her voice!), but she seems too funny.

We're getting closer too, waiting for TA. God willing, we hope to leave on April 28th for our dear son 7.5 years. He is in Guangzhou.

Praying the time flies by....

Holly said...

What a very handsome boy!!! So excited for you!! Can't wait until you are on that plane. I can't imagine how excited and annoyed it's taking so long that sweet Chloe must be. Yes, I am pretty sure it will be us someday again too, getting on a plane to somewhere. Can't wait to find out what God will have up His sleeve for us. (And He has to get my hubby's attention first.) ; )