Sunday, March 28, 2010


As we patiently wait on word of that last approval till travel, we had some fun figuring out the meanings of the kids names. Oh, and assigning jealous Cam a name as well:)

Chloe's name means "blooming" sooo fitting! Chance means "good fortune" which is so true since we found out about him, and Chase means to go after, of course, and we chased for Chase:) Cam means "winding valley" a lovely Irish name for his red hair.

Now to their original and now middle name meanings. All of the children's surnames are the same and means "of the people" the sibs middle name is also the same and means "journey" while Chloe's second name means "cloud", Chance's means "victorious" and Chase's means "to fly." Isn't that amazing?

So we have the victorious, flying cloud on a journey if you combine the sibs. Neat, huh? One other thing, Chance's name meaning? It's the same as mine, Vickie means victorious. Guess that's why I am known for my tenacity?

Chloe was talking to me yesterday morning, she was babbling away and she said "can we talk?" strangely she felt the need to say this even though she was already on her 100th question of the day and going strong when it wasn't even 10 am yet. Yeah, Lori, I know you THINK you are jealous with your quiet girl. Oiy.

But usually that means it's something about Chance and Chase she wants to talk about. So I asked her how she thought the boys will react when they see her? She said "BIG SMILE" and showed me her mouth she had grotesquely made into the biggest smile possible:) She's really getting excited thinking it is going to happen and soon, she will see them in person, be with them in the same room she met me with us signing the same papers saying we want the boys for our sons.

She even taught me how to say I love you son, I learned long ago how to say "I love you" (wo ai ni), I learned the "daughter" for her and said it when I got our adoption certificate making it legal for her adoption. Now I'm all set for the boys.

Cam asked on the way to church would the boys be jabbering in Chinese with Chloe and I said "yeah, I am sure, and I better hear lots of "Wo Ai Ni mama" so I know what they are talking about:) Chloe got a good laugh out of that one.

As the teens did a wonderful skit in church today and I was amazed when I asked for prayer for our sons, that we had the visa approvals, and hoped to travel April 23, that everyone, including Chloe broke out in applause. We are so blessed to share this wonderful journey God has sent us on, to give others uplifting at a time when they may need it. The boys' adoptions are true miracles, we do not lose sight of His hand in this.

But when all the little ones left the sanctuary to go to practice for the Easter program, I saw something on my sweater and looked at it. Guess what it was? A LADY BUG. I'm NOT a luck seeking person, I have my Heavenly Father to look to but it was really neat to look around and not see one other lady bug anywhere to be seen. And I parked her on my Sunday school lesson book where she stayed the whole sermon!

Miss Kat learned to do something this week, it only took her a day and she had it. Guess what it was??? You got it, our baby girl's training wheels are gone. They hit the dust. She is soo proud that she can ride her bike with no training wheels. Growing up so fast. Sigh.........

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Lori said...

Oh Vickie, you crack me up. I think both of our girls could learn a thing or two from each other! :)

Love the name meanings. It will mean a lot to the boys to know what their new names represent.

And the lady bug at church must have put a huge grin on your face! I love it! Sounds to me like it was God's way of giving you a little wink! He's so cool that way!