Monday, March 1, 2010

More Funny

I'm so sorry that so many people can relate to the issue of no family support and adoption. That's terrible. In honor of all you who are able to plunder on, and to the family that had to stop due to finances, I am praying hard for you. I felt so sad to read that:(

Since we can't do anything this week but sit and wait and hope some fast working government people send us good news lightening fast this week, most likely not till next week, we are going to have some fun. It's important for people supporting adoptive families or adoptive families themselves to take any time you have a break in paperwork that you can do nothing about except sit and wait- to recharge for the next paperwork frenzy.

SO we are taking advantage of the lull to bring you some of the 10 dumbest things ever said to us as adoptive and foster parents. And what it took to shut the person up.

10. Are they sisters? (Me) They are now. Oh,yeah, but are they REAL sisters? Don't have any fake kids, so yeah. OH, but, I mean, are they related? Well, I wasn't there at the conception, were YOU???

9. Are they all yours? I think--- are there 7 or 8 back there? (always one more than I really have) Uh, I think 6? Oh, those little stinkers I keep losing one, well I'm just going to leave him here (as I went out the door)

8. How many are yours? All of them. No, I mean how many are YOURS? Seriously, I claim them all. No, but really YOURS- you know? They are MINE, all mine, mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine ( I kept chanting it as I walked away)

7. Do you know their parents? Uh, I think I know myself pretty well. No, you know their "real parents?" Last time I checked I was pretty real and I was their mother. Do you want me to pinch myself for you?

6. Did you plan to have all these kids? Well, not really but we're sure God meant for us to have them! Really? Uh. yeah, we see them as a blessing, each and every one. But how do you do it. Do what? Take care of them and remain sane? Well, we take care of them, love them and we avoid psychologists like the plague.

5. What if something happened to you or Ron or both? Then it does, would you like to sign on for guardianship of all the kids if something DOES happens to us?

4.. Why China? Well, we did consider Haiti or Ethiopia, they have such gorgeous kids, but maybe we should have gone to Russia where they would have looked like us so I wouldn't have to answer this? (I was in a bad mood that day) Usually would say - doesn't matter, an orphan is an orphan. We also get -Why not USA kids?- to which I am able to say "we do that as well, we foster." But I don't think we should even have to say that-a child in need of a family is all it takes. Love bridges all races.

3. How much did they cost? They are priceless and adoption costs are mostly the travel and some fees for paperwork. Yeah, but it's a lot of money for them, huh?
Uh, buying people is illegal and we paid people who work at their job to do paperwork for us so they can feed their family as well. But it's a lot of money.
Do you wish to adopt? There are many avenues with many different costs involved, you could look into it? I could never do it, I'm not like you. It really does take a special kind of insanity (as I grinned like a nut and giggled )

2.Do they have (you know) issues? Yeah, but mine usually outweigh the kids.

1. DUMBEST thing ever said to US- did you get a discount for the older one? How would you figure that out, $1,000 per year she is already grown or what? The paperwork and trip are the same, so how would that work and why- are you serious???

The fund update--funds are coming:) God is taking care of it. 4 % and growing to cover the part of the orphanage fee still needed for Chase. We continue to be so thankful to every person who is helping that total turn to DUST!


Love for Lilly Yin said...

Sigh...I've heard the same things, but I am usually so caught off guard that I can't come back with a smart answer soon enough. It never ceases to amaze me how clueless some people are. Honestly, until I adopted I had no idea how differently I really did see things from other people...and I do not mean other people as in non believers, some are in my same church and people I have looked up to as great Christan people my whole life. I will never understand! Your come backs are nice though!!!

Tamara said...

The things I have said-

Is there father Chinese? - I don't know- it was dark and I was drunk.

Are they twins? --- Crap, Mom we left one at Small World- lets go back.
Look at the twins! Twins-where

Are they real sisters? No- they just play sisters on TV

Sherri said...

I just sent our check in today's mail! You should have it by the end of this week.

Chad and Kristy said...

You are such a hoot!
Sending my check today:)