Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lego anyone?

We are still looking at each other and saying "we have the funds to go" as if it's not real. BUT IT IS:) A BIG thank you to Carmen and Andy and honestly everyone---- THANK YOU!! It's God's miracle for our children. Praising God for His promises to us for these children to come home:)

I can't wait to get my hands on the boys and hug the stuffin' out of them.

So as we can't possibly have a totally great week, not in this house anyway, Donobin was messing around with Cam who had a lego in his mouth for some odd reason and you guessed it, he swallowed it! He came running, I yelled "what, are you serious??" Having just watched some show about a kid who swallowed stuff and almost died, I was floored. So I did what every responsible nurse does after hours, I googled "swallowed a Lego" and yep, got my answer. The great and wonderful world of Internet. As long as he didn't choke on it (he didn't- it went down nice and smooth??) it will uh,humm, PASS.

He told me today he thinks it did, I think that I should not have to do poop patrol for kids age 6 and up in my house, so I'm taking his word for it. And believe it or not, I have NEVER had a child swallow something like that, at least none that was willing to tell me at the time.

Hannah and her sister and brother came to hang out last night for an hour, this is what they did the whole time. Not exactly hard to watch them:) They were all sharing games and playing together with their DS's. They sure look intense, huh? Solving world peace? The National Debt? No, Cooking mama!
I can't wait to look over at the couch and see 2 black haired boys in that mix:) Even if they are "cooking mama". No news on our next step this week, we'll have to hope for next week.

Friday Cam took a poster to school for a project. He commented he put his name on it as he is not the only "Cam" in school. I mentioned then that I bet Kat was the only "Kat" and he said "yeah, but there are other Katharyns." Enter Miss Kitty who says "I can spell Cam". C-A-M. I said "good job!" She then said "how do you spell friend?" and I spelled it but wondered why--- well she said "Kat-friend, now I can spell my name!" Guess we know why she is so loving and friendly:) She thinks it's her name! Gotta love that girl, even with her potty mouth, all clean now, no repeat dirty words- pheww.

Sometimes with this big household, I keep things in my mind that I will need, like for the boys to have beds, we were given bunk beds and have a rug being given to us for the boys room as well. Well, the bunk beds came without mattresses so I was thinking "okay, gotta think about fixing that soon, we will need mattresses."Said a small prayer, "God you know the need."
Open the newspaper THAT DAY and the only item in the giveaway?? 2 TWIN MATTRESSES IN GOOD CONDITION--- I called and we got them. They are almost new! Thank YOU GOD for answering even a small need. Just like that. Wow is it cool to hand stuff to Him and let Him take over. I have so much more time for stuff I really want and need to do instead of fretting where, how, when, why.

Speaking of fretting, that Chloe, I told her today I was going to knock her out till it was time to go and then wake her up and say "let's go." I love her. TONS. She has NO patience and I don't blame her. I asked Baba to take her and the other non sick ones as the sun was shining today and it was mildly warm- hey we'll take 40 degrees as warm, and they all went for a longggg bike ride and I got a break:)
The picture of "Cousin It" is actually Chloe and it's her front, she thought it looked like her back. She's such a goof. Fits right in here.
Fund update for our new family-- 28% of funds needed. Can we make it 30%?? Please?
She's got some SUPER giveaway stuff I didn't even mention if you donate!! Check it out here


Chad and Kristy said...

I should have been a nurse... I did the same thing when Colin swallowed a penny. How did we ever live without the internet?? I also have the exact same picture of myself as Mr. It (from many many years ago) except I actually made eyes on paper and cut them out and taped them to my glasses... talk about a good:)

Shawn, Shelley, Emily, Sarah, Lauren, AnnaGrace and Avery said...

Vickie, I am so stinkin' excited for you guys! We knew God would come through because you were following His plan all along. Praying for that TA to come quickly!
Love, Shelley

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