Thursday, March 18, 2010


You gotta hurry, there's just one more day to get in on the bounty of stuff over at Drew and Jaxon's - You don't want to miss out on the drawing tomorrow! Don't worry I asked Mandi not to include us in the drawing, giving everyone else more chances to WIN:) Since there is so many of us........

You can Chip In on their blog or ours, as our Chip goes to them:) Again thankful we can look to help another family bring two wonderful boys home since our funds are complete. Everyone who helped, we thank you AGAIN. Sorry if you are tired of hearing it, I have to say it 'cause I FEEL so very thankful.

I an van-less today. Something going on for some time with the back brakes, I've had it checked, pads and rotors changed and after 4 times of being looked at, I am hoping this new dude can figure out why it squeals like a dying pig when I brake just sometimes, and clicks when I drive just sometimes. I swear I have the most temperamental vehicle, I guess to suit the personality of owner? Yeah MOM, you now have it in writing.

Donobin came home and saw the room and flipped. Sadly it was not a "you are the most wonderful mother I have ever seen, thanks for cleaning my room". Nope, it was "who touched my stuff!! Where is my stuff? Who did this?" He ranted, he raved. He went to the basement and wrote me a letter. It wasn't very nice:( I wrote him a very nice one back. He's adjusting and down to a mild roar. Gotta love teens, it's all you can do with them some days, huh?

That Miss Chloe was a funny goof the other day when she looked at me and said "how I get American momma and I Chinese?" I said "God picked you out for us to be our daughter and we are so glad He did." She then said "how LONG?" Ahhhh... the root of the silly question, to which I told her " forever girlfriend, you are never getting rid of me."

Still no word on the approval for the boys visas, just in case you were wondering. I called since I couldn't take the suspense and the mailman was starting to look at me really funny......paperwork is on the woman's desk. She said she would "try to expedite it". Okay, thank you.
Gotta be nice, I remember momma saying you get more with honey than with pepper or something like that....... I wanted to say "well then just approve them and let's move it NOW". I contained myself, although it was a tongue biting, teeth gritting, fist clenching ordeal. At least I knew I could leave the mailman alone for a day or two:)
Don't miss your opportunity to get the goods, remember, the raffle of items ends tomorrow!! You'll have a wonderful joy to see these boys come home and know you helped make it happen. Even a few dollars, every bit is appreciated:)


Mandi said...

Thank you SO much for all you have done to help us get the word out about our fundraiser.

We got a wonderful surprise today from our agency that I will be posting about tomorrow.

God is SO good.


Nancy said...

The cleaning of the room reminds me of a note my mom wrote to me that I hold dear to my heart.

I was a teen, messy as could be, and going through a rough patch of adolescence - moody, sullen, mad at the world. One day while I was at school, my mom couldn't stand it anymore and cleaned my room. She left me a note on my pillow that read "Just wanted to do something that might help you feel better, Love mom". I come from a family that didn't share emotions/feelings too often, and I took it as a very loving gesture. I still have the note, and that was over 30 years ago. My mom passed away in January, and I'll treasure that hand written note forever.

Hope your son wasn't too hard on you!