Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flip flops

After days and days of rain, the perfect time to rearrange furniture, we have been given a respite. Sunny, warm~~ okay so 50 degrees isn't the WARMEST but to us frozen, sick of winter and snow Pennsylvanians, we are thrilled!

I broke out the flip flops today and ventured out in short sleeves :) The sun is shining and it's wonderful to see and feel. The flower picture is from our yard---- pretty huh?

The time change this past weekend was a novelty to Chloe, she really didn't notice it last year either the spring forward or the fall back. But boy, did she ever want to know if we were "crazy" when we told her the clocks were to change by an hour Sat. night. She thought we were "joking her" what she says for teasing her:)

I should have known that I was not going to get away with short sleeves for long around Miss Chloe, she had to pester to get her summer clothes out of the attic. So she is in the hallway now surrounded by her clothes figuring out what still fits and telling me I did indeed pack away her gym shorts in the attic (ongoing argument) and she wins, I did it. Oh well, she didn't need gym shorts in winter anyway, silly girl.
Speaking of clothes, she is so sweet, she wants to know if we can take back clothes for kids that don't have any when we go, of course I said "yes, some" and she says "really?" Then she asked me "do you know what kinda" means?" Yep, sure do, it's slang you learned from your momma:)

I was hoping to type we had our news of visa approvals for the boys but NO, still nothing, nada, zip, none, nope, zilch. Get my drift? I think I am as anxious as Chloe these days.

Speaking of, I got 3 motion bracelets highly recommended by friends, Chloe gets terrible car sick as she had never really traveled anywhere, so it's highly likely the boys will too. So I've got that covered. All ready, although other than throwing things in the suitcase to get them out of my way, I haven't really packed anything. I'm learning to chill on that since I end up repacking 10 times anyway.

Jaxon and Drew update- 35% Getting there!!!! Yeah! God is so good, He will not leave these precious guys without their family. Neither one. Have you been able to donate? Pray? If so, THANK YOU--- glad you can join and know you are helping all these great kiddos come home! Boys are a joy, I can't wait to meet ours:)

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Mandi said...

We officially got our LOA today, signed it and sent it back. YEAH!!! Now we just need to get through immigration and the money hurdle and we are on our way.

Thanks so much for posting about the fundraiser.