Monday, March 8, 2010

Drew and Jaxon

Mandi and Matt have posted on their blog the news of their Pre-Approval for the 2 sons they will be bringing home. Note- THEY WILL BE BRINGING HOME. They will. God has their answer just as He had ours.

They have till May 1 st to get their older son. Then he is lost, he will have no family EVER. Instead he has a family excited, eager to bring him home, a brother who can't wait to get this guy home, wanted so badly he e-mailed Jaxon's picture to dad himself, just to help the cause along. Helping mom and dad see what God had planned all along.

We may possibly even travel at the same time, we are close in time lines, so it is possible. Wouldn't that be a blast, to watch these 4 boys coming home to families that want them so badly. After no one caring if they were warm enough, going to bed hungry, doing their school work, teaching them about God, loving them, they have all this and more just a dollar away. Yes, a dollar, because the total to us looks so big. But dollar by dollar God will take it DOWN!

But we all know what God thinks of money barriers. I can tell you, it's an awesome but scary thing to be sitting there knowing in your heart you would sell anything (except your other kids- don't call me MOM) to get these children home. You'd give up eating, you'd give up anything you can but the money amount is still not something you can squeeze out. You have enough to raise them, just not the mountain of adoption fees to get there for them.

But Mandi and Matt are doing that. Stepping out in huge FAITH, that God will whisper in your ear (send $20, send $50, send $100) do you hear Him? Will you listen and be part of this blessing as well??? Please do, there's nothing like the RUSH of knowing you helped when you see these children, with their family, home safe.

It's so wonderful to know these 2 boys have a family, the waiting girls often get snatched right up, the older children, the BOYS wait and wait and no one comes:( Don't miss being a part of this!!!

I have to say, I am not related to Matt and Mandi, have never met them. Hope to some day. That would be fun. I just know that we will not be letting go of the importance of God's warriors to help, we are continuing Chloe's Fund and if you care to send to there, go ahead, Matt and Mandi will get it, just note it for Drew and Jaxon, yep, he's got a name even, and God knows his road home.

It looks like a lot and the total is daunting, BUT I ask can we get to 30%? Come on, we can do it!! God's warriors, please answer the call to get these boys HOME. If you don't have funds to help, there's ALWAYS prayer and support, we never underplay that, it's just as important to this journey as well as ours! So spread the word, pray and watch this unfold.

To see the story of how Jaxon was shown to them to be their son--- go to

I'm sitting back today and breathing a sigh of relief. They all went off to school today. WHOOO HOOOO. I love 'em, I really love 'em:)

Now I am doing laundry, dishes, cleaning up, and planning the rearranging of the boys room for this weekend. That's going to be a major job, but gotta have it ready. I posted a pretty picture of Miss Kitty all ready for church yesterday. The girls were glad to get out of the house and go somewhere:)

And spring really is coming, I saw 2 blooms on the crocus plants, tulip shoots this morning, along with daffodil shoots. YEAH!!! Spring is coming, spring is coming-------

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Love for Lilly Yin said...

I also follow Drew's and now Jaxsons blog, and have given all I could find for them...patiently waiting for our tax money so I could give to you guys, but now I will give that to Drew and Jaxson. I love watching families be formed through miracles, and we were in a similar situation with our adoption. I can't wait to go back for our boy!