Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boys Room ready

When we got the final amount of money we needed, we told Chloe what we wanted her to know, "we have enough to go and get your brothers." We shouted, we celebrated, we praised God, we rejoiced.

What did Chloe say~~ "How?" I think we named her wrong, she should have had a name meaning "questioning one or seeker of answers" instead of "blooming" ha ha. So we said "someone sent us the rest of the money we needed because God wants you to see how much He loves you and your brothers."

Next question "why?" Baba pipes in here, " because God doesn't have a checking account." We all laughed at that but it's so true, He counts on us, to hear Him and respond. Then He is able to bless us with His riches for our lives because we are faithful and willing to follow Him.

I'm so glad to see we surpassed the 30% mark for Jaxon and Drew to come home, let's go for 40% now, remember every dollar adds up and we can't out give God:)

It is supposed to rain all weekend so I decided this was the perfect time to work on the boys room. Got beds set up, the rug we were given laid down, and clothing space for 4 boys.

No easy feat but I think I did okay:) I had our older boys come help me with the tough stuff, furniture assembly is not my forte. I tried to put together a space saver with the fabric drawers, I totally messed it up and Jay had to take over:) Not saying I did that on purpose.........

We were able to park the space saver on top of a dresser, taking off an old an ugly mirror, those fabric drawers will be perfect for socks and unders for all those boys. I also used a 3 drawer chest in the closet to give us some more clothing space. I still need another lamp for the other side of the room if someone wants to read.

I was happy to find Chance and Chase's names in cut out letters, everyone has their names in their rooms to make them feel at home and I have painted all the others- so imagine my joy to find their letters in mirrors, cool and no paint needed!!! Got bedding for $10 at the discount store, and we have a room ready for our sons.

Even Chloe likes it and she was sure the boys would be totally offended to be in a room with 4 of them, another puzzling thing for us as she had a room with 4 beds at the orphanage, I saw it myself. It really makes it real for us now, we are ready for boys to be sleeping in those beds, playing on that rug:)

But space wise, yet again, God has given us the beds, closet and drawer space and enough space for a play area. There is room in our home as well as our hearts.

Now to hear some official news that our TA steps are moving along, wouldn't that be nice?

We got notice that our paperwork was received, how nice, now just add a "you are approved" to that and save a stamp, why don't ya?:)

While we cleaned today the dogs were laying around, not minding the mess, although that puppy, seemed able to find herself some trouble? Of course she could, she is one mischievous little bugger.

Just look what Lucy Lu ended up getting herself caught up in, all I'm gonna say is she's lucky she's so stinkin' cute.......................


Holly said...

Haven't stopped in for a little while...So happy to see things coming along so well! I love your family, and I'm praying for you as you ready for your big trip!!

Sue said...

I bet it was a great feeling having the room done for the boys. You need to find a ladybug. We saw one on Friday and today in the mail came our immigration paperwork, so find a ladybug and hopefully the TA will come.

UUMom said...

Looks good! The one thing I would suggest is ading shelves next to each of the bunk beds, especially the top ones, and then having decorative boxes/baskets on the shelves. Looks good, and stuff on the shelves can be officially "off limits" to the other kids without the owner's permission. We used the modular closet shelves that you can get at most hardware stores.

UUMom said...

We also bought a couple of these to hang from the place where coathangers usually hang from

It actually looks pretty cool. And the kids really like having the extra storage space up there.