Friday, March 5, 2010

Blown away

Blown away. Amazed. Blessed in God's Grace. Carmen was God's worker and we deeply thank you for answering His call to you!!! We can't thank you enough for CARING!! WOW!!!

Got a call last night. Church financial lady. "Got a check here." Okay then. "It's HUGE!!" WHAT?? No, way!! "Yes, it is!" It's enough for our fees, and will cover if we need more than I budgeted for the tickets since the prices are rising the closer we get to spring. It was the answer to prayer, the end of our need, but the seed of another.

This donation has sprouted as more than just covering our need-- it's a seed because I realized we need to keep this going. Chloe's Fund needs to keep going. It needs to be there for anyone who is called to adopt, to give them the courage to know people care. That we can help others bring home older children who want and deserve the joy of a family for life.

I ended Our Chip In but I want to help another family bringing home an older child and a younger child. BOTH. And they need financial help. So I am taking their Chip In and adding it here, in hopes that if Carmen beat you to sending us funds, if you were waiting, you heard God but thought, oh , next week, or when the income tax return is here, that you WILL answer and Chip In for this family just as if they were US. The need is the same... 2 boys need to come home to their family. For one, it's his last chance.

So PLEASE, don't look at us and say- yeah, they got what they needed, but look to help another who is not there yet, and praying hard to make it. They have a time limit to get there, can you imagine that? You make it by this day or your son is lost to you forever. Imagine the pressure this causes them with paperwork only, let's ease the funding worry together!!

I haven't written much on life if not adopted for the older kids. It's not pretty. No one wants to imagine it but for our children, it was their future. This is why it is SO important for any family wishing to adopt older to be supported in their decision in every way possible. The kids get a minimal education, they are not encouraged in their studies, nor are they able to attend "good schools" as they are paid schools. Orphans are considered "unlucky" so even if they somehow strive to do well and are able to go on to college (a rare few) they can not easily obtain a JOB, since they could bring "bad luck" to the company.

They do not have the option to change their name, the name which as soon as someone sees it or hears it brands them as an orphan with NO family. They have no one to guide them, from age 16 on! After being given food, shelter, all decisions made for them, they are released at age 16 to the street to somehow survive. Many DO NOT. This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It's not pretty, it's not cozy, unlike our lives, please consider, will you be willing to step out of your cozy and go for it? It's a treasure to parent these resilient and super kiddos:)

You can't change the world by adopting a child, but for that child, you have changed their world.

Imagine if we all answered the call. No more orphans. WOW. I can't imagine Chloe or Kat if we didn't have them in our lives, and I am sure the boys will be the same. Blessings, true and wonderful blessings.
Think about it, will ya?? Our blondie friend still needs a family........


Beth said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so glad for you! We are trying to adopt two children as well.


Sherri said...

Praising God today! I am so happy for you. And bless you for reaching out to help others in need.

Lori said...

WOW!! I have goosebumps all over. God's provision is AMAZING. I'm so thankful for people who are sensitive to God's prompting to give. It will reap much reward, on so many levels and the ripples of that obedience will live on for generations.

Donna said...

Awesome news! I know the relief must be huge. Phew! Now go get those boys!!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Jerry and Christy said...

Thank you, God! What a blessing. Time to get those boys home.Chloe will be seeing her brothers soon.

Suzanne said...

I have tears in my eyes. How awesome! Does the family for the chip in have a blog? I'd love to follow them and encourage them!

Sue said...

I am so happy about that you got your funds you needed. And it is awesome on playing it forward and helping another family.