Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Day

Well. We got something from immigration, I got all excited as hubby called me and said something came, I was at school picking up a kid coughing and disturbing their class (a whole other story) and I got home to pink papers.

PINK. As in, we want more info, NOT approvals. So I quickly e-mailed and called agency to find out what they "need" to get us approved, and they were to call and let me know if whatever is needed can be faxed and allow up to get approved still this week. No word from anyone and the day is over, all I can do now is pray. Can you all send a prayer up for us as well??

We are so eager to travel to get our sons home, and it can be so hard to wait on God's timing. We don't understand this delay. In honor of my feelings I posted an older pic of Miss Kitty doing what I wanted to do today.

I'm off to bed to say all my prayers and hope tomorrow brings us better news 'cause we know our God is bigger than pink papers :)

Don't forget too, in times of need look to help others, Jaxon and Drew still need to come home, the raffle is over but the funds aren't complete so please help them get the final funds needed, you can still Chip In on their blog or this one for them. It's still appreciated, needed and will be such a help for 2 wonderful boys to come home.


trina said...

Aww..I'm so sorry. Yes, I will pray they clear this up. I can't wait for you to bring those boys home. :)

Kathy said...


Sue said...

I am so sorry, I keep telling myself that God has a perfect plan, but like you, don't always understand with these delays. I hope you fast what you need to get approval

The Kings said...

Arghhh!!! All of the up and downs and twists and turns are so frustrating.
If it makes you feel any better, I would trade could go Friday and I would take a little more time to prepare for this. :) hard to be content in all things whether it is moving too fast or moving too thankful His timing is always perfect!
Praying for you!
Lori King

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