Saturday, March 20, 2010


No news to report on our adoptions since the mail went already today:( I guess I can chill till Monday now.

I got out of bed yesterday, as I went to put my robe on and turned around to make my bed, this is what I found! Children! In my bed. As quick as lightening, as they were not there when I was sleeping.
Funny how one room of the house seems to be the favorite and why is it our bedroom? I guess the kiddos like to hang out with me when I am on the computer and they all tell me that our bed is "the most comfortable in the house" (I have a feather top on my bed:) I guess I should feel lucky they don't join me sooner, huh. I don't see any room left there for me if they did:)

Hannah was brave enough to spend the night last night, I'm not sure what time they crashed and finally fell asleep, They outlasted momma and baba both.

Chloe was not too thrilled there was no school yesterday as if her momma was thrilled. Hummm.... not. But Chloe was in a good mood and joking with me, she snapped this picture and even though I had no makeup or even combed my hair, I'm posting it anyway 'cause she's so darned cute:)

Usually on Saturdays or evenings, she perches on my chair, and picks my brain with her million questions. I answer till I am wore out or till she quits, whichever comes first:)

The weather is fantastic and outside we are heading. Raking up leaves from the fall and getting our little pond running. We're also getting out the swing and having our first cookout of the year. Yummmm!

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Lori said...

The picture of you two is priceless!! You are both equally adorable. :) Love it!